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The Best PC Game Releases this 2016

2016 was a great year for gaming. Aside from the massive improvement of virtual reality gaming, many games were released this year, and some were the best. And what better way there is to commemorate them other than to put… Read More »The Best PC Game Releases this 2016

Titanfall 2 Review – An Action-packed Tour de Force

Titanfall 2 Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts Our boots hit the ground with solid thuds. I’d scanned my teammate’s weapons while we were on board the dropship moments earlier. They were carrying submachineguns and assault rifles, while I favored a sniper rifle.… Read More »Titanfall 2 Review – An Action-packed Tour de Force

Titanfall—Fleeting Fun for Fast Twitchers

Titanfall Respawn Entertainment I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit when I’d first heard of Titanfall. I’d read some first impression reports that just said meh to me. Here’s a conversation that I had at… Read More »Titanfall—Fleeting Fun for Fast Twitchers

King Goth Reviews Titanfall

I would be lying if I said I went into Titanfall without any sort of reservations. The scene was similar. The atmosphere all too familiar. We’ve been here before, right? Military type individuals duking it out in a semi futuristic… Read More »King Goth Reviews Titanfall

CyberPower Reviews Titanfall (Beta)

Let’s talk about Titanfall. Just a little over a week has passed since the end of the closed (and open, shortly after) beta of the widely-acclaimed “most anticipated game of 2014”, and there has been ample time to think back… Read More »CyberPower Reviews Titanfall (Beta)

Thoughts from Mr. X: Prepare for Titanfall

Post written by Matt “Mr.X” Morello, Call of Duty Coach of compLexity Gaming. March 11th, console gaming as it is will take a drastic change. This as most of you may or may not know is the release date of Titanfall, the… Read More »Thoughts from Mr. X: Prepare for Titanfall