Subnautica is Finally Launched Out of its Early Access Status

It was in December 2014 when the indie video game company, Unknown Worlds Entertainment, released their first game on Steam called Subnautica. It is an open-world exploration game that introduces the player to an alien underwater world filled with creatures and living organisms of wonder and peril. In Subnautica, the game starts with the player…

Voice of the Deep

Subnautica – The Leviathan Inside The Containment Facility

Last June, Unknown Worlds Entertainment released the most recent update in Subnautica called the “Voice of the Deep.” The update was said to introduce significant pieces of Subnautica’s end game. It will reveal some of the mysteries surrounding the many arcs of the story. The update introduces us to the Containment Facility, a massive Precursor…

check out on h20 update

Subnautica Finally Released H20 Update

Unknown Worlds Entertainment has finally released the first update on their game “Subnautica” for 2017. It is called the H2.0 Update and centers on the visual enhancement of the waters in its open world, adding more effects to make it look realistic. The water looks more bluish than before, its surface refraction more notable than before.…