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Making StarCraft 2 More Accessible

qxc suggests a number of changes that he feels would reduce StarCraft 2’s learning curve and make it a more accessible game. He states that such a change is necessary for the game’s continued growth.

Midday: How to intelligently improve your StarCraft skills

Post written by Samuel “Midday” He of compLexity Gaming. Whether you’re completely new to Starcraft, or a seasoned veteran, improvement is something that any active player should consistently be striving for. However, improvement in Starcraft does not come as easily as… Read More »Midday: How to intelligently improve your StarCraft skills

Balancing School and Starcraft

By Libo “Xenocider” Chang of Evil Geniuses Oftentimes in life you are faced with difficult decisions in deciding how to allocate your time. For me, it is easier to manage my time between school and StarCraft because I value the… Read More »Balancing School and Starcraft

qxc Speaks: IEM Katowice in Review

In his latest video, pro-gamer qxc goes over and reviews IEM Katowice, focusing on the format and prize money of the event. Check out the video below: [youtube]

qxc Speaks: IEM Cologne in Retrospect

Post written by Kevin “qxc” Riley of compLexity Gaming. It’s been about a week since I returned from IEM Cologne. While I did not achieve victory, I feel like I achieved success. I overcame some significant personal weaknesses and put on… Read More »qxc Speaks: IEM Cologne in Retrospect