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RiMS Racing Review

RiMS RacingRaceward Studio Frankly, while motorcycle-based racing games sound sexy as hell to me and seem like they’d be super fun to play, the reality is that I haven’t played one yet that has moved my needle. Not even a… Read More »RiMS Racing Review

Skydrift Infinity Review

Skydrift InfinityDigital Reality Racing games are pretty much built to get people’s adrenaline pumping as much as possible. I’ve played a tone of them—everything from the Need For Speed games, to your Burnouts, and of course, the hallowed Forza titles,… Read More »Skydrift Infinity Review

Forza Horizon 4 (Steam version) Review

Forza Horizon 4Playground Games / Microsoft Games Racing games, like fighting games, have sort of lost my interest—mainly because they’ve largely been super-formulaic in their implementation with little in the way of innovation over the last couple of decades. Therefore,… Read More »Forza Horizon 4 (Steam version) Review

Wreckfest Review – Totally Wreck-tastic Fun

Wreckfest Bugbear/THQ Nordic In all honesty, Bugbear’s new smash-em-up, Wreckfest, hit me (no pun intended) out of nowhere. Which is ironic because since playing and subsequently shelving modern racers such as Forza 7 (blah) and Project Cars 2 (blah X… Read More »Wreckfest Review – Totally Wreck-tastic Fun

Antigraviator Review – A Decent Zero G Tribute

Antigraviator Cybernetic Walrus/Iceberg Interactive Zero G racers weren’t ever really a huge thing, but they certainly had their very own subgenre (of the racing genre) firmly in place back in the 90s. Chief among those were F-Zero and the WipeOut… Read More »Antigraviator Review – A Decent Zero G Tribute

Redout Review – The New King of Zero G Racers

Redout 34BigThings A little while back I was waxing melancholic about the old school, now classic racing games of the 90s. Sure, you had your more contemporary racers such as Ridge Racer (loved that game!), the Need for Speed series,… Read More »Redout Review – The New King of Zero G Racers

Split/Second—Hold On to Your Adrenal Glands

Split/Second Black Rock Studio/Disney Interactive I was facing an upper tier “episode” called Splashdown, which featured mainly waterfront-based maps. This track in particular, Ferry Wharf, consisted of a sprawling course laid out amongst cargo ships, old dusty docks, and—you guessed… Read More »Split/Second—Hold On to Your Adrenal Glands