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Halloween is Coming to Overwatch!

Blizzard finally drops the “Halloween Terror” seasonal event for Overwatch, offering limited Halloween-themed skins for your favorite heroes along with highlight intros, spray emotes, and victory poses. As of now, Blizzard has released 100 seasonal items which are now available.… Read More »Halloween is Coming to Overwatch!

The Truth Behind Overwatch

One couldn’t deny the fact that Overwatch is becoming one of the most popular multiplayer games online. And like other games, Overwatch offers a deep lore to its players, which introduces a vast world filled with interesting stories and hidden… Read More »The Truth Behind Overwatch

Overwatch: Battle of the Tanks

Overwatch offers players with 21 diverse characters, and four different roles to choose from. One of the interesting roles you can play is the “tank.” Tanks have high endurance and are effective front liners in team fights. In Overwatch, they… Read More »Overwatch: Battle of the Tanks

5 Things You Should Know Before Playing Overwatch

After a successful beta, the long-awaited multiplayer first-person shooter game from Blizzard, Overwatch, is currently one of the hottest games right now. With an interesting gameplay and eye candy graphics perfect for a 4k gaming PC, the game has taken… Read More »5 Things You Should Know Before Playing Overwatch

Overwatch: Get to Know the Squad!

Set to be released on May 24, 2016, Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooting game, that cna be played on gaming pc. It features a squad-based combat, a match of two teams each with six members. Each player gets to… Read More »Overwatch: Get to Know the Squad!