Moira Gameplay Tips

8 Gameplay Tips and Strategies for Overwatch New Hero, Moira

After her release last month, Overwatch new hero, Moira has been gaining the attention of many players worldwide due to her astounding skill set. With abilities that can either heal allies or damage enemies, Moira has become one of the best supports a team can ask for. And if you’re one of those whose aim…

New Overwatch Hero Moira

New Overwatch Hero: Moira, the Geneticist

Blizzard has finally released the newest hero to join Overwatch after Doomfist: The Geneticist Moira, who works as one of Talon’s council members. Her knowledge of genetic engineering has allowed her to develop new weapons and technologies for the organization while searching for ways to rewrite the fundamental building blocks of life. In the battlefields…