Left 4 Dead Spiritual Successor

Turtle Rock Studios Announced Left 4 Dead Spiritual Successor

Turtle Rock Studios, the developers behind the popular co-op horror-survival video game, Left 4 Dead, is back with a new game. According to them, they are currently working in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive on a next-gen co-op FPS game called β€œBack 4 Blood.” In the studio’s official announcement that was posted in the Turtle…

Left 4 Dead Creators

Left 4 Dead Creators Working on a Globally Known Franchise

Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of popular zombie shooting game Left 4 Dead, is apparently working on an unannounced AAA title game in a globally known franchise. The news came after a ResetEra user by the name Slicer Dyster noticed that Turtle Rock is looking for a Senior Level Designer to work on an AAA…

left 4 dead 3 news

Left 4 Dead 3 to be Released in 2017

The Left 4 Dead franchise is undeniably the most popular zombie-survival game in the market. Even after seven years of Left 4 Dead 2’s release, its popularity hasn’t died down. Since then, fans have longed for a new game to add to the series featuring new characters, maps, and features. According to a few online…