League of Legends Weirdest Champions

The Weirdest Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is known for its varieties of champions with inspiration coming from old legends and mythology around the worlds. But sometimes, developers create concepts way beyond this, spawning to heroes that are too unique and weird. Let’s check out five of the most bizarre champions in League of Legends: Jhin Just when everyone…

playing as alistair in league of legends

The Best Tank Support Champions in Summoner’s Rift

In League of Legends, one good characteristic that makes a good support is durability. This is the reason why most support players choose a strength-type champion with good AoE or buff skills to ensure their team’s survivability. These champions take the role of tank support. They are capable of receiving tons of damage, making them…


DotA 2 and League of Legends Characters with Resemblance

Forget the hate for now, because today we’re not going to point the differences and debate which one of these two popular MOBA games is the best. Instead, we’re going to name some similarities between the game specifically with its heroes and champions. If you play both games, it’s not hard to miss the fact…