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Google Stadia Launches with 12 Games

Google is now going to shake up the video game industry as it launched its cloud-based streaming platform, Google Stadia, last week. The list of Google Stadia launch games features 12 games in total. It includes the entire modern Tomb… Read More »Google Stadia Launches with 12 Games

amazon video game streaming service

Amazon Working on New Video Game Streaming Service

A report says that Amazon, the world’s third biggest IT company, is currently building their own video game streaming service. It is also expected to launch in 2020. Apparently, Amazon has been talking to game publishers that would be interested… Read More »Amazon Working on New Video Game Streaming Service

A Collection of Shenanigans

April Fools’ Day is one of our favorite days of the year here at CYBERPOWERPC. Just this morning I was greeted by a piece of paper taped over the sensor on my mouse – and several coworkers were also welcomed by various… Read More »A Collection of Shenanigans