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Punk Wars Review

New strategy game Punk Wars is an expansive turn-based 4X strategy game focusing mainly on military elements. The action of this game is set in a unique universe combining post-apocalyptic, steampunk, dieselpunk, and atompunk elements. The game has been developed… Read More »Punk Wars Review

Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack

Perhaps the granddaddy of grand strategy games, Paradox Interactive (a publisher and developer with a powerful current full of fantastic grand strategy titles), recently released the Aquatics Species Pack for Stellaris, available on Steam, GOG, and the Microsoft Store. Many… Read More »Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack

Europa Universalis IV: Origins

Paradox Interactive’s flagship historical grand strategy game, Europa Universalis IV, recently received a new expansion titled Origins—and boy, is it a thrilling new batch of content. Accompanying this newest EU4 “Immersion Pack,” is a free patch alongside it called the… Read More »Europa Universalis IV: Origins

Age of Empires 4 Review

As far as mainline Age of Empires games are concerned, it’s been over 15 years now since the release of the previous mainline Age of Empires effort, 2005’s Age of Empires 3. During that period, the RTS genre has seen… Read More »Age of Empires 4 Review

Total War: Warhammer 3’s new release date and pre-order bonus

Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer strategy/RTS hybrid series has been a huge success since its inception back in 2016. Its popularity has enabled Creative Assembly to continue supporting the franchise with new DLC, “free-LC” updates, patches, and bug fixes year… Read More »Total War: Warhammer 3’s new release date and pre-order bonus

Dread Hunger Game Prepares to Set Sail

Digital Confectioners Augments the Social (and Social Deception) Play in Latest Update as Multiplayer Deception Game Prepares to Set Sail. Digital Confectioners, an indie PC and console games studio, recently announced that Dread Hunger—its multiplayer game of survival and betrayal… Read More »Dread Hunger Game Prepares to Set Sail

Survival Tips for Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Disclaimer: This is an Early Access guide. Developed by PlaySide, Age of Darkness: Final Stand reminds me a lot of 2019’s They Are Billions. It trades in the post-apocalyptic setting of Billions, it has much more of a fantasy backdrop.… Read More »Survival Tips for Age of Darkness: Final Stand