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Fallout 4—A Compelling, Story-Driven Experience

Fallout 4 Bethesda Software My adopted canine companion and I carefully navigated through the rubble-strewn Boston suburb, scavenging for anything of value. I was role-playing Fallout 4’s main protagonist to the extent that I’d decided that ultimately, he wanted to… Read More »Fallout 4—A Compelling, Story-Driven Experience

Titanfall—Fleeting Fun for Fast Twitchers

Titanfall Respawn Entertainment I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit when I’d first heard of Titanfall. I’d read some first impression reports that just said meh to me. Here’s a conversation that I had at… Read More »Titanfall—Fleeting Fun for Fast Twitchers

Tranformers: Devastation—A Love Letter to 80s Cartoon Nostalgia

Tranformers: Devastation Platinum Games/Activision The 80s Transformers cartoon was an exercise in some of the loftiest exponents of philosophical dogma I’ve ever encountered. To me it was the embodiment of Aikido, the Gentle Way, where a martial artist seeks to… Read More »Tranformers: Devastation—A Love Letter to 80s Cartoon Nostalgia

Insurgency—A Thinking Person’s Shooter

Insurgency New World Interactive Glass shattered behind us as we ran down the wide hallway, and large caliber 7.62 rounds whizzed through the air all around us. We dove behind a desk for cover as the fully automatic PKM machinegun… Read More »Insurgency—A Thinking Person’s Shooter

Rising Storm — A Unique Spin on a Tired Genre

Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm Tripwire Interactive The staccato of automatic weapons firing cut into the Sergeant’s gruff yelling of orders. Pieces of debris blown off of the group of boulders that our five-man squad was hunkered down behind flew… Read More »Rising Storm — A Unique Spin on a Tired Genre