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Fights in Tight Spaces EA Review

Fights in Tight SpacesGround Shatter / Mode 7 As an action movie connoisseur, I’ve pretty much seen it all. But one film series that stood out to me was The Raid. The often super tight-quarters martial arts action showcased in… Read More »Fights in Tight Spaces EA Review

Hellish Quart

Hellish QuartKubold Back in the 1990s there were some great fighting games that were much more unique than what you typically see on display these days. The Bushido Blade franchise, developed by Japanese studio, Light Weight, was definitely a series… Read More »Hellish Quart

The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition Annouced!

The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate EditionSNK Fighting fans rejoice! Fresh off the press is today’s announcement by SNK Corporation that their 3 vs. 3 competitive fighting game, The King of Fighters XIV, will soon be offered in a new… Read More »The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition Annouced!

FTL: Advanced Edition Retro Review

FTL: Advanced EditionSubset Games Being a pencil and paper role-playing game geek, video games that give me the opportunities to both role-play, as well as provide emergent storytelling rifts, are pretty big in my book. Therefore, it should come as… Read More »FTL: Advanced Edition Retro Review

Samurai Shodown Review

Samurai ShodownSNK / Athlon Games Ah…fighting games from the 90s. I’ve tried just about all of them, even some of the Japanese ones that weren’t available in the states since I had a Neo Geo console with an adapter. The… Read More »Samurai Shodown Review

Samurai Shodown Preview

Samurai ShodownSNK / Athlon Games Back in the 90s it seemed like everybody and their mother was coming out with some sort of fighting game. The Street Fighter series was probably the most dominant and widely recognized brand. And then… Read More »Samurai Shodown Preview

Riot Games

Riot is Developing a Fighting Game

Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends for gaming PC, has confirmed that they are currently developing a new fighting game. The news came from the co-founder of the Evolution Championship Series, Cannon, who also happens to be a… Read More »Riot is Developing a Fighting Game

Dead or Alive 6 Review – More Than Meets the Eye

Dead or Alive 6 Team Ninja Fighting games haven’t evolved much over the last few decades. Some of the 90’s most promising games, such as the Bushido Blade and Tobal series—which offered totally unique fighting mechanics—fell by the wayside long… Read More »Dead or Alive 6 Review – More Than Meets the Eye