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Raising an eSports Fan

Evil Geniuses’ Web Content Developer Justin Duke’s 4 year old daughter is made of sugar, spice, and encyclopedic knowledge of DotA 2. The lesson? Being a lifelong fan of eSports is not something to be ashamed of.

Excited for Capcom Cup

Ricky Ortiz from Evil Geniuses talks about participating in the Capcom Pro Tour and the excitement leading up to the Capcom Cup at the end of the year. Currently, four Evil Geniuses players stand to qualify for the finals in December!

PPMD – My Career & Joining EG

By Kevin “PPMD” Nanney of Evil Geniuses Not so long ago, tournaments were pretty difficult to get to for me. I would be asked by many helpful people to attend wonderful events. Some people might even offer a good timeframe… Read More »PPMD – My Career & Joining EG

Balancing School and Starcraft

By Libo “Xenocider” Chang of Evil Geniuses Oftentimes in life you are faced with difficult decisions in deciding how to allocate your time. For me, it is easier to manage my time between school and StarCraft because I value the… Read More »Balancing School and Starcraft

My Life Before eSports

By Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels of Evil Geniuses Hey everyone, Instead of writing about another league related topic, I decided to look at myself for this blog. I’ll focus on Mitch rather than Krepo. Well let’s go back all the way… Read More »My Life Before eSports