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Making StarCraft 2 More Accessible

qxc suggests a number of changes that he feels would reduce StarCraft 2’s learning curve and make it a more accessible game. He states that such a change is necessary for the game’s continued growth.

Raising an eSports Fan

Evil Geniuses’ Web Content Developer Justin Duke’s 4 year old daughter is made of sugar, spice, and encyclopedic knowledge of DotA 2. The lesson? Being a lifelong fan of eSports is not something to be ashamed of.

coL.QXC – Dealing with Jet Lag

Kevin “qxc” Riley of Complexity Gaming talks strategy on dealing with jet lag when traveling internationally. His experience as a professional gamer traveling all over the world for gaming events has given him some insight on how best to combat… Read More »coL.QXC – Dealing with Jet Lag