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Fortnite Monthly Sub

Fortnite Adds a Monthly Subscription

The popular battle royale game, Fortnite, has introduced a new monthly subscription service with the arrival of its Season 5 – Chapter 2. This new monthly subscription is called Fortnite Crew, wherein players can sign up for only $11.99 a… Read More »Fortnite Adds a Monthly Subscription

Epic Games to Publish Games from Developers

Epic Games announced its decision to publish games from developers such as gen DESIGN, PlayDead, and Remedy Entertainment. Remedy Entertainment is the studio behind Control, PlayDead created Inside and Limbo, while gen DESIGN developed The Last Guardian. As Epic Games… Read More »Epic Games to Publish Games from Developers

Epic Games Releases Battle Breakers

Epic Games, the team behind Fortnite, has released its new free-to-play cartoon-inspired Hero Collector RPG game, Battle Breakers. The game is available on Microsoft Windows gaming PC, iOS, and Android mobile phones. Battle Breakers is developed as a passion project… Read More »Epic Games Releases Battle Breakers


Epic Games Acquires Quixel

Epic Games has announced that it has bought startup company Quixel to further improve and develop more realistic games. For those who are not familiar, Epic Games is the creator of Unreal Engine, one of the most advanced video gaming… Read More »Epic Games Acquires Quixel


Epic Games to Shut Down Paragon in April

Unreal Engine developer Epic Games confirmed that they are finally shutting down Paragon. The studio announced that the game’s development will cease and the server will shut down on April 26. Epic Games released a full statement on the reason… Read More »Epic Games to Shut Down Paragon in April

Epic Games Slows Down Paragon’s Development for Fortnite

Fortnite’s popularity continues to soar since its launch, even more so with people enjoying its free-to-play battle-royale mode. However, its success seems to be affecting Epic Games’ free-to-play MOBA game, Paragon. In a statement posted on Reddit, a representative from… Read More »Epic Games Slows Down Paragon’s Development for Fortnite