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coL.QXC – Dealing with Jet Lag

Kevin “qxc” Riley of Complexity Gaming talks strategy on dealing with jet lag when traveling internationally. His experience as a professional gamer traveling all over the world for gaming events has given him some insight on how best to combat… Read More »coL.QXC – Dealing with Jet Lag

compLexity Gaming: Bubbadub’s Story

Post written by Royce “Bubbadub” Newcomb of compLexity Gaming. I quit my socially respectable job 14 months ago to pursue professional gaming, but my journey started long before that. I started playing League in September 2012 with the intention of testing… Read More »compLexity Gaming: Bubbadub’s Story

League: The Structure, Volatility, and the Aspect of Faith

Post written by Jungroan “Jezie” Lin of compLexity.Red. Hi everyone! I’m Jezie, the toplaner for compLexity.Red. We’ve recently failed to qualify for the LCS, falling short in the playoffs finishing 5th/6th. This “blog” might be a little more formal than what… Read More »League: The Structure, Volatility, and the Aspect of Faith