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Darwin Project FTP

Darwin Project is Now Free-to-Play on PC

Last March, we’ve featured a new and rising battle-royale game called Darwin Project inspired by the Hunger Games series. At that time, the game was released on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview for $ 14.99. But on… Read More »Darwin Project is Now Free-to-Play on PC


LawBreakers Dev Reveals New Battle Royale Game

Boss Key Productions, the developer of LawBreakers, reveals their new project called Radical Heights. It’s a free battle-royale shooter game that gives off a distinct 1980s-inspired flair and combines it with live game show elements. In Radical Heights, players are… Read More »LawBreakers Dev Reveals New Battle Royale Game


H1Z1 is Now Free-to-Play

Early this March, Daybreak Games announced that their battle-royale game H1Z1 is now free-to-play on PC and gaming laptop. The battle-royale game, which just left its Early Access status last February, was made available to download for free on March… Read More »H1Z1 is Now Free-to-Play