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Biomutant Review

BiomutantExperiment 101 / THQ Nordic There has been a lot of hype surrounding the project known as Biomutant. To me, it resembled the book, Moby Dick, suddenly surfacing every now and then with some flashy preview, only to disappear into… Read More »Biomutant Review

Nioh 2: Complete Edition Review

Nioh 2: Complete EditionKoei Tecmo Back in 2017, Nioh: Complete Edition was released on the PC and was fawned upon by many gamers who claimed that it was the best Soulslike game on the market. I played it when it… Read More »Nioh 2: Complete Edition Review

Grim Dawn (Alpha) Review – There Goes My Life

Grim Dawn Crate Entertainment Let me begin this review by saying: “Thank goodness for Kickstarter!” Crowdfunding platforms have completely re-shaped the gaming industry in a very favorable way. Where previously, indie titles were relegated to the periphery, stuck in the… Read More »Grim Dawn (Alpha) Review – There Goes My Life