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LoLTalk: Thoughts on 4.5

Post written by sponsored streamer/YouTuber TiensiNoAkuma. Check out his channel and stream here and here! Of patch 4.5 There were a few huge changes, here’s a quick rundown, I’m also including the Kassadin rework of patch 4.4. Index: Reworks: Kassadin Rengar Gragas Nerfs:… Read More »LoLTalk: Thoughts on 4.5

n0thing to Report: Going Forward from EMS One

Post written by Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert of compLexity Gaming Hey all, Jordan here!  As the dust settles from the EMS One $250k tournament in Poland, we have now reached a new plateau in terms of daily CS:GO players.  This is great for… Read More »n0thing to Report: Going Forward from EMS One

King Goth Goes to GTC 2014

I went, I saw, I loved, and I was often in over my head. This was my experience at the GTC, or GPU Technology Conference. The GPU Technology Conference is Nvidia’s annual “HEY LOOK WHAT WE DO” show, generally held… Read More »King Goth Goes to GTC 2014

My Life Before eSports

By Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels of Evil Geniuses Hey everyone, Instead of writing about another league related topic, I decided to look at myself for this blog. I’ll focus on Mitch rather than Krepo. Well let’s go back all the way… Read More »My Life Before eSports

A Collection of Shenanigans

April Fools’ Day is one of our favorite days of the year here at CYBERPOWERPC. Just this morning I was greeted by a piece of paper taped over the sensor on my mouse – and several coworkers were also welcomed by various… Read More »A Collection of Shenanigans