585 thoughts on “Chaox Fangbook Giveaway

  1. I need a new gaming laptop, the one i have is really bad. When i play league I always get 10 FPS 🙁

  2. Hi, I have confirmed doing this. I would absolutely love a brand new laptop as my current one always crashes. :[

  3. Thank you for this give away I really need the chance cause i need a new laptop cause mine is literally falling apart and it is an old dell.and confirmed all the likes:D

  4. C: had all pages like before, i’d be so happy if i won this, then i wont have to use my decade old potato computer 😀

  5. I can Confirm that i liked all the 4 pages! Anyway good going Chaox! GL for your Future, love ur stream!

  6. I really need. My pc was really poor. I got a dimension 3000 dell. I want really a gaming pc or laptop. Because i want to game and my friemd tell me every day (buy a pc to come play diablo 3, bf4…)

  7. I’ve got my fingers, eyes and toes all crossed for this… My computer died and I’m borrowing a friend’s but if I showed you the specs and the FPS I’m running on you’d either feel sooo sorry for me you’d give me a better computer or you’d pimp slap me..

  8. Liked and I hope i win as I’m using a laptop from 2006 right now but thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Confirmed that I’ve liked all four pages :)) been useing my computer from 2008 to play league of legends. running at 20 fps is terrible.

  10. Wow! This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you to all the sponsers involved making this a reality! Good Luck to everyone! Amazing prize! I would like to win this as my laptop broke, it’s an old Hi Grade laptop that has 1GB of RAM, an integrated S3 graphics chip, a single core 1.98GHz processor and the speakers recently blew out and now static comes through them as I overloaded it using FL Studio, had ASIO4All running everything was fine until it got half way through playing a track back and the speakers made a horrible sound and now they are broke…oh and it’s got Windows Vista on it to top it off… and the Control key broke off as well, also the battery no longer keeps the charge has ot be plugged in constantly and when the cable is removed it shuts off within seconds! This would be sweeeeet to win as I do not have the money to buy something like this! Would be a great present as I have nearly finished my studies at Uni.

  11. I know that this text here won’t have any effect on the giveaway, but still deep inside of me there is some hope left.
    I am from a rather “poor” family so I never had the money to buy a PC. Still it was my biggest wish as a child. Every day on the way back home from school I imagined that today is the day where I finally get a PC. I waited for three years. It was a Sunday afternoon and I just came back from a friend. My mom and me were sitting in the living room, suddenly she asked me to put up the bag, which was on floor next to me. I did what I was told and opened the bag. My heart stopped for a moment. There was a laptop inside. I was so happy. Now after over 3 years again I still got the laptop but it’s old an often crashes. I started working with tools like Photoshop and have to do lots of work for school/study. Also I want to spend my little free time with some gaming. So I need a good laptop which could accompany me on my way. This is why I participated on this giveaway and this is why I hope so much.

    Thanks for reading

    PS: Sorry for any mistakes English is not my first language 🙂

  12. This would be sweet gift for my gf I have my own computer but she can’t play she has an 8 year old dell laptop ..no league no w.o.w. no batman …the couple that games together stays together 😀 ..shoutout to the sponsors for the giveaway…HAVE A GOOD ONE

  13. i am playing on toshiba satellite laptop, its pretty old (15fps) and i cant buy a new one because of money, it will really help me in my gaming carrer.

  14. Hey Chaox! I see all these people talking about how crappy there computer or laptop is so they beg for this laptop you are giving away. I’m a junior in highschool and if I can say so myself, I am pretty damn spoiled. I have an alienware, and everything else i wanted. If I have everything why would I even be joining this giveaway? I have a friend who plays on the worst laptop I’ve ever seen. But I never see him complaining about how laggy everything is. I only see him telling himself how good he is when he can kill someone with a laptop that runs on 3 fps. Even though he shows his happy side. I still feel very sympathetic towards him. He’s a humble dude & hes not doing so well financially so i dont even see him getting a new computer anytime soon. I just want to win this laptop to help a homie out if you can understand Chaox. One person makes a big difference! thanks for taking the time reading this. it would be really awesome if i won. Thank you chaox.
    -Sean Yoon

    • I love you I also play on a 3fps labtop I don’t complain I’m even glad to even own a labtop I’m not running into problems I’m glad that you would be willing to help your friend I hope you win – God Bless you
      -Anthony Radford

  15. I need a laptop because the one I am using is breaking down and I cant get a tower because I dont have a car and I can afford one. I also use my computer for school works so its been working really hard. It would be very nice if I won so that I can increase my gaming experience as well as my studies.

  16. A laptop ah ? Well I don’t have one I use desk tops for gaming never seen a laptop that could hold up to hard core gaming ever even when they say they will they never do in the end they all die !!!

  17. I can confirm that I’ve liked all facebook pages. Would really love and appreciate to win this awesome computer

  18. A laptop in general would be great…but winning THIS monster would mean I could play goat simulator ANYWHERE!!!!!

  19. Win or lose team coast all the way I wish them nothing but good plays during the following match ups

  20. I wish I can win one, but I know the chance is super low. Anyways good luck to everyone and myself! HaHa

  21. I’ve been watching chaox and have always veen a fan since his TSM days it would be ab honor to win such a beautiful laptop from such an amazing person. Keep ip the good work Chaox

  22. AAAWWW this laptop is amazing. I was using the old version of alienware’s gaming laptop but it broke down couple of weeks ago and i can’t play League when traveling, which i have to do quite a lot. And i like all ur fb pages 🙂

  23. My parents dont give me much money so i dont afford to buy me a new one!!!
    I play much cs go but i have to play with low res, all graphics low so i really need a better pc so i can play without lags and better graphics!!! I would be so happy!!!

  24. This is a super cool giveaway…I hope somehow i can win it,i am still using a 6-7 years old PC,with XP and 2gb RAM,512 video..Can’t enjoy my dota 2,so scouting my gf go to university and take her laptop 😛 😛 But now…she start learning to play dota2(so happy ) ,so we cant play together and that is a huge family problem 😀 😀 I hope to win it and can play with my girlfriend 😛
    Goodluck everyone and enjoy all the giveaways this guys do.
    p.s I am sorry for my english 🙂

  25. Hey Chaox, I really need the laptop because I’m stuck with an old MSI laptop and can’t affort a new and good laptop.
    Thanks alot!

  26. Not going to comment with the usual ‘oh, I have ALWAYS wanted one but never been able to afford it’ or ‘my PC just died, gaming is my life, it would make me the happiest person ever!’ BS brown-nosing trying to get sympathy. My PC plays games fine, I would just like the laptop to play when I’m not at home.

  27. confirmed, i really need a new computer and i do not have the money to buy one since i’m studying.

  28. I line a New laptop cause i rly need one. I been looking for one in a Long time. I been looking for one That are Good for lol too

  29. Never give up, I’ve been close to going through court by a friend who backstabbed me. I gave him a laptop now I have nothing, although I wish things could be better I rather be friends with chaox 😛

  30. I’ve seen beauty everywhere, but this laptop is something i want to wake up with, it just looks astonishing.
    I’ve liked the 4 pages

  31. I have a desktop that is 7 years old, need something new to game on and portable to take to friends houses for overnight gaming marathons.

  32. Let’s hope i can win this, so i can finally play a decent game of league, with more than 20fps (playing at 15) <.<''

  33. I would love to win this laptop about to graduate and need something portable and powerful for what I’m doing would be amazing to win.

  34. I can confirm that i like all of the pages required. I would really enjoy this because i would like to start streaming but my current laptop will not allow me to do that. Maybe with this i can start streaming and start playing some games on my steam library i am not able to with my current laptop (half of my games).

  35. Would love to be able to game with a good laptop made for gaming. I don’t have a job amd it would be very hard for me to buy something like this. I wanna win.

  36. I’ll be quite honest, I would love to win this laptop because for years I go to college and needed a lot of good laptop, I also love to play but my pc does not provide for new games

  37. This gaming laptop looks awesome and I hope I get this because I been waiting to get one since 2 years ago please thumbs up my comment. 🙂

  38. I would love to win this laptop the one I have is so old and lags I can’t afford a new laptop. Thanks for the contest!

  39. I would be the most happy person in the world if I ever win this gaming laptop. It has been my dream to win one. Best luck to all!

  40. I would very much appreciate winning this laptop because ive been in desperate need of a good computer. Money is tight and being able to take a good computer out of the budget would make my life so much better. I will also be returning to school soon and having a dependable laptop will help me get through school.

  41. Can aways use a labtop for on the go or for just a round the house when i dont want to use the desk. That t would be awesome!!

  42. I need one of these so bad I would give/do anything. Things are so tough right now my mom is injured and I have to take care of her and honestly cant afford one at this time with all the medical bills we are struggling and hardly scraping by. This computer would make life just that much better. Thank you for your consideration.

  43. I don’t even own a laptop to play games on and my desktop is super shitty. As an aspiring pro gamer, this would help me so so much. Thanks!

  44. I’m hoping to win this in order to give it to a friend who has never played games on a PC/Laptop.

  45. Confirmed, I liked all 4 pages.

    PS. This is world wide right? Like me I live in Europe, so not that it is NA only?
    Hopefully this will be my first time having luck in 2014!

  46. i liked all 4 pages aswell and as a asian who is playing LoL with 30 fps i would love to win this laptop

  47. I would like to get this laptop because mine overheats even with a coolpad and its really low-spec anyway, would be really happy since i can’t afford one myself.

  48. I have been a fan of Chaox since season 1. I really enjoy your stream! Keep streaming, please!
    Greetings from Denmark!

  49. I would love to win this because I love building computers and play tones of PC games on my main rig (which i built but want to add new parts) but I don’t have a laptop and I want a laptop but if I buy one I won’t have any money to add things to my pc. Building pc’s is my life and I really need a gaming laptop for on the go because I go a lot of places.

  50. I’m currently far too productive at work and need a laptop like this so that I can slack off more and not make my colleagues look so bad.

  51. This would be awesome if I win. I have been trying to get one of these for ever. I want one because I use a family computer to play games, study, and research for projects. I don’t want it just to game. I want it so that I can have my own commuter to study and research. I have been saving up but it will take me another year likely to have enough money to buy one. Oh guys have such great deals! Please! Please! Please!

  52. This is a good gaming pc that everyone wants and may the winner of this be happy 😄 but also i will give it a try cus why not eveyone wants a decent gaming pc just like me and most of people wont be able to afford it and im one of them i wish i could win this incredible laptop and good luck to everyone else God bless and ty for reading my comment ill apreciate 😄

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  54. I’d like to win because I need a new laptop for university as well as for gaming. This is a rather powerful laptop that I would not be able to buy otherwise because of its price.

  55. So a new computer in general would be beneficial here. I am a fellow streamer and the computer I currently use has low standards for it. So receiving a laptop like this would help with streaming and obviously playing games(which is what happens when you stream) I would also use this computer for getting into building video games. My goal is to own my own video game business and create all the wonderful plans I have for generations of people to enjoy. So the way I look at. The best choice is me. I would give back to the community ten folds of what I got from it. Let’s just seal the deal.

  56. I would like to get this computer. I got a really good one with a gtx570, but for some reason it stutters. I tried to fix these issues by buying a 144hz monitor. Still didnt worked. So i hope i can get this Computer. 🙂

  57. Herp derp. Hullo chaox! I would really appreciate winning this laptop, I have been a fan of you since season 2 of LoL when you were still on TSM and I love to play league myself but it’s hard to actually do extremely well when my own laptop runs off of around 10-20 fps even after I changed all the settings, and it lags during team fights which doesn’t really help. Anyways, I really hope I win this laptop!

  58. Would be great to win such a great laptop mines starting to break apart but its ok as long as it works im good also hope for other have a chance to win.

  59. I have a 6 year old Laptop with Vista its actually so Bad that i have to wach lol streams at my mobilephone cause my Laptop is lagging

  60. Hi Chaox. You were my mentor and inspiration for league. I was a fan since day one in season 1. I will never forget that day when i watch your stream. I learned so much from you. I also remember you days on TSM, a dominant force to be reckoned with. To win this give away especially from you is a dream come true for me. #Chaoxforpresident

    Windows (Service Pack 1)
    Intel® Core™ i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz
    2.15 GHz
    1.87 GB
    Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD
    800.06 MB

    My semi-average specs on the laptop I have right now…I would really like to win the Fanbook Evo, loved Chaox’s play in the S2 playoffs.

  62. I have been playing League of Legends for about 2 years now and I am currently Plat 1, I have been playing on a notebook that I got from my family a few years ago and I get 20-30 FPS normally and drops to 10 at times. I only play one game daily now because I’m afraid of my notebook overheating and stuff. I would love to have a new laptop so I could play better without lag or low FPS and show people my true skill in the game.

  63. I started my online gaming passion since I was 8. When I came across League of Legends towards the end of Season 1, I knew I’d fall in love with this game. At first, I was terrible (it’s no given) and would constantly ask my friend Don (Jinoa, D1, NA) on how to improve. He told me to work on my mechanics, learn the game itself first, and to watch streams. Streaming became a whole new concept to me as I delved into the world of Twitch and found all these players advocating the game among the community. One of the first streamers I came across was Reginald and then Chaox. My friend Don had told me that everyone had a “main” role to fulfill when playing this game. I tried every role but found that ADC was my only calling thus inspiring me to spend countless hours watching Chaox’s stream along with keeping up with the League circuits. Whenever I watched TSM with my friends, I always fanboyed over Chaox because of his impeccable gameplay with Vayne (my favorite ADC) or any ADC for that matter. Fast forward three years and I’ve become so much better than I was before thanks to all the support and help from the community. I broke into Diamond 5 promos towards the end of Season 3 and knew that I could be so much better. I’m currently climbing the ladder to get into Diamond this season but it’s difficult due to trying to balance out school and gaming. However, my current gaming setup doesn’t allow for me to play to my full potential. I am playing on a Dell Studio One (which was discontinued a few years ago) which only runs 25 fps per game. It is extremely frustrating, espcially in high elo games which require mechanical finesse, when you’re teamfighting and your computer craps out on you due to frame drops. I’ve lost over countless games due to FPS dropping or crashes due to my PC overheating. To me, gaming is a way of life. I love playing to lean and develop while having fun at the same time. Even though it’s highly unlikely, I believe that I can be good enough to one day play professionally (that to everyone as well, if you work hard for it). However, to become good, you’re going to need an environment that allows you to play to your full potential. I am currently a high school senior college bound and it’s going to be difficult to afford a new PC while trying to pay for college at the same time. I don’t think I deserve this laptop, but it’d be a world’s difference to my path in gaming if I were to receive it. With that being said, I wish you all the best of luck! May the best man or woman win!

  64. Confirmed! Having a laptop like that is my dream, my Lenovo does 20-30 fps on very low, and when it gets hot it gets down to 10-15 and i managed to reach d1 99 pts with that hardware.I will be greatful if i have the chance to play on that machine. Really good giveaway!Keep it up,bro !

  65. i really need a laptop…ive been using a benQ pc for 13 years, i never had a laptop cause i don’t have enough money to get one. I really want a laptop 🙁

  66. i cannot afford even a laptop and have been playing on my parents pc since 5th grade. this would be a miracle.

  67. I need a gaming laptop badly been gamer for years but can’t buy a decent laptop that can’t handle all the games I love. I keep buying games like sc2 and cs:s one of my favorite but it can’t even handle the minimum requirements especially LoL even though it’s free haha I only get 25 fps it just I don’t have enough money to buy good all around laptop for gaming that’s goes fast plus graphics. I’m not good in computers to make my own just afraid I might destroy parts somehow. Might be so happy if I win this and I’m pretty sure I’ll be devoured by it if I win haha

  68. Hey, I need that gaming pc, because I had a old Toshiba but it is broken.. I only played lol at 15 fps. So now I need a gaming laptop to play lol.

  69. I need that laptop because i will be a pro player with that, i swear u man an u will be proud of me :).

  70. Thinking today this would be the most amazing thing to come home to, going for surgery Wednesday and what a pick me up this would be. I could play wow in bed during my recovery 🙂

  71. Really would love to have this , for streaming . Maybe would get me started and make me some money for better education . And later in life have streaming as part of my job , so this would be a good experience.

  72. I really want this laptop because I don’t have a good laptop to play LoL with. :< and my current fps in LoL is so bad I can barely play.

  73. Hay man =)
    i REALLY need the fcking PC because my PC sucks so hard xD …
    btw nice stream Chaox <3

  74. My computer is one of those hopeless people, who still fights on and scrapes by every day. I would really prefer not to just scrape by because it makes a really annoying noise.

  75. i really need a new computer/laptop because my laptop is 6 years old and i can barely play league of legends or any other game

  76. I want this so bad! Need a gaming laptop, playing lol at my desktop computer which is 10 years old with 20 fps.. 🙁

  77. Please let me get this laptop so I will be able to climb elo without having to deal with computer issues.

  78. I’d really appreciate this laptop due to the fact it would open so many doors for me in league. My Mother doesn’t support me gaming and refuses to purchase a gaming laptop/pc, with this I’ll be able to maybe further my dream in gaming & hopefully make something out of it. This laptop would be a milestone of many to come…

    GoodLuck to everyone.

  79. Please let me get this laptop so I will be able to climb elo without having to deal with computer issues. #chaoxbestadc

  80. Great stuff to do a give away and this gaming laptop looks cool, too.
    Ty and hopefully you do something like this again in the future

  81. I have never had a computer or gaming laptop in my life! I come from a poor family and winning this will be amazing for me and my family! Right now to watch people’s streams and YouTube videos I am using my school laptop which is an acer which I do not get to keep over the school holidays! I would very much love to win this and good luck to everyone else taking part in this competition!

  82. i have been playing league for about 3 years now. for the whole lol career i have played on 2 bad laptops that i got from my mom and they had like 20 fps on lowest settings and for the first time there is a chance for me to win a good laptop to play league. let me win plox.

  83. Winning this would allow me to game away when I’m away working so I don’t have to carry around my desktop and all my gear! Thanks mates

  84. I want to start streaming and this would help greatly. I first became a fan of yours when i found your irelia build guide way back when she wrecked. Started and kept watching you ever since.

  85. Have been deployed for the past year and have really missed gaming. This would be an awesome welcome home surprise.

  86. I need my portable life back I can be station ant home all day and expect to evolve as a gamer such a powerful rig would be like the skeleton key of potential for my expanding horizons of games I remain hopeful for this beautiful piece

  87. Well, it would be really nice since i wont have any computer this summer and furter on befor i got myself a jobb becouse my school laptop will be taken away from me and my other computer dosnt work for shit, GGWP ^^

  88. I recently broke my laptop and I am looking to get a new one but winning this would prove helpful. My fave game is lol.

  89. Receiving this gaming laptop would be a light at the end of the tunnel for me. Been running League Of Legends for the past 3 years on an AMD E-50 Toshiba laptop which recently just malfunctioned.
    Not the type of PC to be running a game like League.

  90. I need a machine to get me to the highest point of my potential I’ll even 1v1 you for it Chaox whether I win or lose that would be a learning experience as good as having a machine as powerful. LCS is in my sights.

  91. I’ve had an ok computer for a while like having 20-30 fps but it always freezes so it gets really annoying. Especially when lots of things are happening, i’ll have good fps, but it’ll freeze for like 5 seconds and then it starts to go back to normal. I would really love to have a new computer to NOT have freezes in game