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Learn more about the latest hardware with our PC hardware reviews

GTX 1080 Ti Unveiled

Photo Credit: NVIDIA NVIDIA has recently announced their newest graphics card, the GTX 1080 Ti, which part of their 10th generation series of graphics cards. The 1080 Ti follows the GTX 1080 and Titan X Pascal and is rumored to… Read More »GTX 1080 Ti Unveiled

CyberPowerPC at PAX West

Photo Credit: PAX West is right around the corner from, 9/2-9/5, and some of the biggest names in computers and electronics will be in attendance, including CyberPowerPC. The following booths are where you can find some of our products… Read More »CyberPowerPC at PAX West

Analyzing the SteamVR Performance Test

VR, or Virtual Reality, has definitely gained more media traction within the past few months, especially with the attention that VR hardware received at this year’s CES. Amidst the now mainstream coverage (and inevitable coming wave) of VR products and… Read More »Analyzing the SteamVR Performance Test

Nvidia Reportedly Working on New Mid-Range GPU

Nvidia is making some noise around the rumor mills talking about the introduction of a new mid-range GPU. Currently, Nvidia has been utilizing first-generation Maxwell cards in most of their GPU’s, consisting of two different graphics processor: The GM107 and… Read More »Nvidia Reportedly Working on New Mid-Range GPU

Tartarus Keypad Gets Chroma Update

Razer continues to push its new Chroma system by adding the flashy RGB lights to the Tartarus Keypad. The Chroma system has been displayed across a number of Razer keyboards, mouses and headsets, providing a flashy customization for competitive and… Read More »Tartarus Keypad Gets Chroma Update

Power Mega Pro – Professional Workstations

As a company that for 15 years has been selling primarily gaming systems, we like to romanticize gaming as an extremely demanding workload that requires super powerful hardware. There’s no doubt that this is true. Playing the latest PC games… Read More »Power Mega Pro – Professional Workstations

FANGbook EVO HX7 Product Tour

If you follow our social media or regularly check our blogs and website, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve updated our FANGbook EVO HX7 series with the brand new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800M series graphics cards. The FANGbook has been a… Read More »FANGbook EVO HX7 Product Tour