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Hitman: Episode 4 – Bangkok Review – Totally Killer

Hitman: Episode 4 – Bangkok IO Interactive/Square Enix Cutting edge developer IO Interactive and their intrepid publisher Square Enix recently released the forth chapter in the new Hitman reboot—and frankly, I’ve been looking forward to where they were going next… Read More »Hitman: Episode 4 – Bangkok Review – Totally Killer

Day of Infamy Review – Teamwork Not Required

Day of Infamy New World Interactive World War II games remind me a lot of both the zombie/survival horror and fighting game genres. All three of them have undergone little or no innovation since their inceptions and have likewise have… Read More »Day of Infamy Review – Teamwork Not Required

Zombie Night Terror NoClip The zombie genre saw an upswell in popularity within this past decade, probably hitting its apex around 2010 to 2011 with popular shows like The Walking Dead, all sorts of (mostly crappy) movies, print media, and… Read More »