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Reviews related to PC hardware, Gaming PCs and other Computers

CES 2023 – Upcoming CyberPowerPC Products

CES 2023 is here and we are excited to reveal our newest upcoming products. Let’s take a look at our biggest upcoming launches in 2023. First off we are delighted to announce that our dynamic Kinetic Series Case, first unveiled… Read More »CES 2023 – Upcoming CyberPowerPC Products

How to Quickly Speed Up Your Gaming PC

Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs Under $2,000

The truth is not everyone has the knowledge to build their own gaming PC. While there may be countless tutorials online, it doesn’t mean that nothing could go wrong, especially if it’s your first time building one. And though they… Read More »Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs Under $2,000

How Much RAM Should You Add to Your Gaming PC

Are you experiencing lagging load times or unresponsive programs? Is your gaming PC loading slower every time you try to run several programs simultaneously? If that is the case, the lack of RAM might be the underlying issue. Most prebuilt… Read More »How Much RAM Should You Add to Your Gaming PC

How to Keep Your Gaming Laptop Cool

Gaming laptops are truly remarkable. Despite their lightweight and their smaller build, gamers are now able to run even the latest games using these gaming laptops. However, one of the downsides of using laptops for gaming is that it generates… Read More »How to Keep Your Gaming Laptop Cool

Samurai Shodown Review

Samurai ShodownSNK / Athlon Games Ah…fighting games from the 90s. I’ve tried just about all of them, even some of the Japanese ones that weren’t available in the states since I had a Neo Geo console with an adapter. The… Read More »Samurai Shodown Review