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PUBG New Reward System

PUBG Announces New Reward System

Early this month, we posted an article about PUBG’s new training mode. But it seems that’s not the only update we’re getting because the developers also announced that a new reward system will be implemented in the game. As fans… Read More »PUBG Announces New Reward System

PUBG Training Mode

PUBG Announces New Training Mode

PUBG announced that the game will be getting a training mode this September. The training mode will put 5 to 20 players together in a 2×2 kilometer map where they can practice their skills and improve their gameplay. The announcement… Read More »PUBG Announces New Training Mode

First Major PUBG Tournament

The First Major ‘PUBG’ Tournament Starts this Summer

The popular online battle-royale video game “Player Unknown’s Battleground” is set to have its first official esports tournament this summer. Its developers, PUBG Corp., has announced the news through a press release. The esports tournament will be called the PUBG… Read More »The First Major ‘PUBG’ Tournament Starts this Summer

PUBG is Getting a Map Selection

Players of the popular battle-royale video game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will soon be able to choose which map they want to play in. Map Selection is a feature that has been requested by fans for months. PUBG players around the world… Read More »PUBG is Getting a Map Selection

FaZe win 2018 PUBG StarSeries i-League

Photo Credit: StarSeries In the last article about StarSeries, we covered how Liquid were solidly in first place after an impressive first day run with three chicken dinners to close out. The second place team, FaZe Clan, were 350 points… Read More »FaZe win 2018 PUBG StarSeries i-League

Liquid win StarSeries PUBG Day 1

16 teams from around the world were invited to compete at the StarSeries i-League 2018 PUBG tournament in Kiev. The best teams from each region will be playing against their counterparts for a chance at the $100,000 prize pool. The… Read More »Liquid win StarSeries PUBG Day 1

The Shotguns and Pistols of PUBG

Sometimes, when the only gun you can find in the beginning of a game is a pistol or shotgun, knowing how to properly use it might be your only chance of surviving. Later in the game, assault rifles and snipers… Read More »The Shotguns and Pistols of PUBG

The Submachine Guns of PUBG

Photo Credit: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Sometimes, the only gun you find in the beginning of the game or in a particularly low loot area is a SMG. Although they are not able to compete against assault rifles at medium and long… Read More »The Submachine Guns of PUBG