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Overwatch is Getting a Cross-Play Beta

A Crossplay Beta is finally coming to Overwatch, as announced by its developer studio, Blizzard. The Crossplay Beta will allow gaming PC players to team up with other players using gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch —… Read More »Overwatch is Getting a Cross-Play Beta

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 to be Featured in Blizzcon Online

Overwatch players should be excited to know they will only have to wait for a few months to finally have a glimpse of Overwatch 2. Director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that Blizzard will announce an Overwatch 2 update scheduled for… Read More »Overwatch 2 to be Featured in Blizzcon Online

Top-Pick Overwatch Heroes for Beginners

Overwatch is known as one of the most played multiplayer shooter games. It features squad-based combat that pits two opposing teams of six players each. You can choose one of Overwatch beginner heroes in the game, each of these heroes… Read More »Top-Pick Overwatch Heroes for Beginners

Overwatch Reveals 32nd Hero, Echo

Overwatch has finally revealed its 32nd hero, the omnic, Echo. Her arrival was announced by Blizzard along with a story trailer to introduce Echo. In the official story trailer description, Echo was described as an evolutionary robot programmed with a… Read More »Overwatch Reveals 32nd Hero, Echo


Blizzard Announced Overwatch 2

During the Blizzcon 2019, Blizzard made a surprising announcement, and that is the development of Overwatch 2. It is going to be the sequel to their popular team-based shooting game, Overwatch. The first game was released in May 2016 and… Read More »Blizzard Announced Overwatch 2

Orisa Creation

Blizzard to Release a New Overwatch Novel

Big-time video game company Blizzard has announced its plans to expand the Overwatch universe by releasing a young adult fiction novel. The novel is titled “The Hero of Numbani,” which focuses on the story of Efi Oladele and her robot… Read More »Blizzard to Release a New Overwatch Novel

Overwatch Sigma

Overwatch Teases New Character, Sigma

Blizzard has finally revealed its latest Overwatch hero via an animated short origin story on Twitch. This new hero is an astrophysicist named Sigma, who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe with his abilities. According to the developers,… Read More »Overwatch Teases New Character, Sigma

New Overwatch Workshop Mode

During the last week of April, Blizzard Entertainment has announced the new “Workshop Mode” for their team-based first-person shooter video game, Overwatch. The new mode was designed to expand the customization features available for players in-game. The announcement was posted… Read More »New Overwatch Workshop Mode

Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Has Started

Blizzard has finally announced the Overwatch: Storm Rising event which officially begins today, April 16, and will last till May 6. The announcement was first posted on Twitter, noting the duration of the event. The post features a video that… Read More »Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Has Started