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Oculus Rift Bundle

Photo Credit: Extreme Tech City of Industry, January 9 – CyberPowerPC has developed an impressive Oculus Ready Gaming System in partnership with AMD and Oculus Rift. Bundled with the Oculus Rift headset, the AMD system will retail at the impressive price… Read More »Oculus Rift Bundle

Can Oculus Rift Run on Your Gaming Laptop?

Virtual reality is the future of gaming. That said, laptop manufacturers are taking the hint. They are starting to develop gaming laptops that can run virtual reality gears. Although VR gears like Rift and Vive are for PC, modern laptops… Read More »Can Oculus Rift Run on Your Gaming Laptop?

check out brookhaven gameplay

The Brookhaven Experiment – a VR Survival Shooter

If you’re a big fan of zombie survival games like Left4Dead, Dead Rising, Dying Light and Resident Evil, try to imagine a virtual reality game about shooting mutated zombies and monsters as they come for you in waves. The Brookhaven… Read More »The Brookhaven Experiment – a VR Survival Shooter

play space trainer on vr gear

The Best VR Games to Play on Steam

There is no denying virtual reality headgears have provided us with a new level of gaming experience. It makes a game more realistic as if transporting us inside the program. There are already VR games in the market you can… Read More »The Best VR Games to Play on Steam

CyberPowerPC and Oculus Bundle Running Out

Our ever popular CyberPowerPC and Oculus Rift Bundle will be running out this weekend. To summarize, the bundle comes with a CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR desktop that has been certified as Oculus-Ready as well as an Oculus Rift headset. In… Read More »CyberPowerPC and Oculus Bundle Running Out

CyberPowerPC Partners with Oculus Rift

Photo Credit: Join the new generation of gamers and delve into the world of virtual reality with Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift has been one of the pioneers of VR technology and equipment. Their Oculus Rift headset is one of… Read More »CyberPowerPC Partners with Oculus Rift