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Hearthstone New Game Mode

A couple of updates will be coming to Hearthstone, including a brand new mode and a game expansion. Hearthstone Duels – Game Mode The brand new mode that will be introduced in the game is called Hearthstone Duels. It features… Read More »Hearthstone New Game Mode

Hearthstone’s New Battleground is Out

After teasing the new battleground mode in Blizzcon 2019, Hearthstone has finally released the new game mode on November 12th for gaming PC. The Battlegrounds mode entered the early access on the first week of November. It was made available… Read More »Hearthstone’s New Battleground is Out

Champions of DreamHack Austin

CS:GO Winner-Luminosity Gaming Photo Credit: Flikr Before the tournament even began, Luminosity were already the heavy favorites to take the win. Many people also predicted that the finals would be all-Brazilian with Luminosity’s younger friends from Tempo Storm meeting them… Read More »Champions of DreamHack Austin

DreamHack Austin Preview

As one of the biggest cross-game tournaments of the year, DreamHack Austin features some of the best teams and players from around the world. As the name of the tournament would suggest, the tournament will be played in Austin, Texas.… Read More »DreamHack Austin Preview

April Fool’s Across Esports

It’s that time of year again when March has just ended and the jokes and pranks come out in full force.  Some of Esports’ top community members and even some of the game officials themselves have decided to trick fans… Read More »April Fool’s Across Esports

AliSports (Alibaba) Announces Huge Esports Tournaments

Photo Credit: Alibaba The Alibaba Group is to Asia what Amazon is to the United States. The Chinese company holds the market in Asia for online commercial sales. Just today, the company’s Esports division announced that they will be hosting… Read More »AliSports (Alibaba) Announces Huge Esports Tournaments

New Legendary Heartstone Card: Ragnaros, Lightlord

Photo Credit: Previously, Ragnaros the Firelord was considered an “evil” legendary card with its ability to deal 8 damage to a random enemy. In the new Heartstone expansion, the Firelord will be re-branded as the Lightlord and instead of… Read More »New Legendary Heartstone Card: Ragnaros, Lightlord