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Xbox Cloud Gaming Brings Fortnite for Free

Xbox Cloud Gaming Brings Fortnite for Free

Epic Games and Microsoft are currently working together to bring Fortnite to Xbox Cloud Gaming. This brings the popular battle royale game to PC and iOS mobile devices through streaming. For those interested in playing Epic’s battle royale, you just… Read More »Xbox Cloud Gaming Brings Fortnite for Free

Antman Fortnite Update

Ant-Man Will Be Joining Fortnite

Another Marvel superhero is going to arrive in Fortnite, and this time, it’s Ant-Man. The developers announced that Ant-Man will be coming in the Fortnite’s Item Shop alongside the Toothpick Pickaxe and Back Bling Ant-Tonio, which is Ant-Man’s trusty steed.… Read More »Ant-Man Will Be Joining Fortnite

Fortnite Batman

Batman Returns to Fortnite with Catwoman and Harley Quinn

It’s official Batman is returning to the world of Fortnite along with Catwoman and Harley Quinn. This latest crossover between DC and Epic Games is called the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point. This isn’t the first time that Batman was featured in… Read More »Batman Returns to Fortnite with Catwoman and Harley Quinn


Fortnite Reveals Tron Crossover

Fortnite’s newest season is bringing a new collaboration into the game. And this time, they are featuring cosmetic outfits from the Tron franchise. Tron is a science fiction media franchise created by Steven Lisberger, which started with his 1982 film… Read More »Fortnite Reveals Tron Crossover

Fortnite Monthly Sub

Fortnite Adds a Monthly Subscription

The popular battle royale game, Fortnite, has introduced a new monthly subscription service with the arrival of its Season 5 – Chapter 2. This new monthly subscription is called Fortnite Crew, wherein players can sign up for only $11.99 a… Read More »Fortnite Adds a Monthly Subscription

Deadpool is Now in Fortnite

The anticipated Deadpool skin is now finally available in Fortnite. Epic Games made the Deadpool skin for free as long as players own the Battle Pass. However, a player must complete a series of challenges to unlock the said skin.… Read More »Deadpool is Now in Fortnite