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Season 8 Ranked Begins

Photo Credit: Riot Games Two days ago on January 16th 2018, League of Legends finally ended preseason and with it came Season 8. Everyone’s rank has received a soft reset and like previous seasons will need to play 10 placement… Read More »Season 8 Ranked Begins

New PUBG Crates

Photo Credit: Reddit With the most recent update to PUBG 1.0, the game has also seen two new crates added to the game. The first crate, the Desperado Crate, is a paid crate similar to the old Gamescom Crate. People… Read More »New PUBG Crates

Valentine’s Day League Skins

Photo Credit: DeviantArt (ShermanTank13) Each year since 2012, Riot has released new champion skins before Valentine’s Day on February 14th to celebrate the day of love. Previous skins include the Debonair, Heartseeker, and Sweetheart lines with Heartseeker Vayne, Heartseeker Ashe,… Read More »Valentine’s Day League Skins

A Blast to the Past: Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Photo Credit: Nintendo Our trip down memory lane ends with the final games of Generation 3, FireRed and LeafGreen, the remakes of the original Red and Blue version for a mini nostalgia-inception. Although these games are almost identical in the… Read More »A Blast to the Past: Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Tyler1 Unbanned

Photo Credit: Youtube Tyler1 One of the largest and controversial League of Legends streamer and player, Tyler1, was banned over 600 days ago for toxic and unsportsmanlike behavior ingame. Commonly known for his Draven gameplay and his role as a… Read More »Tyler1 Unbanned

Meet the New NA LCS Franchisees

Photo Credit: Riot Games and Orgs With the coming of the 2018 NA LCS Spring Season in about a month, a lot of things have changed from the previous seasons. One of the biggest changes is that all the participating… Read More »Meet the New NA LCS Franchisees

Tips and Tricks for CS:GO

Whether you just started to play Counterstrike, or have played for years, certain little techniques can help improve your play. Peeker’s Advantage Maybe you’ve heard casters talk about peeker’s advantage on an esports stream and thought, this is just a… Read More »Tips and Tricks for CS:GO

Snow Battle ARURF Hits the Rift

Photo Credit: Riot Games With Christmas just around the corner, Snow Battle ARURF has officially been launched for the main client of League of Legends. Grab your friends and participate in this fast action game mode where people are throwing… Read More »Snow Battle ARURF Hits the Rift

FaZe Win ECS Season 4

Photo Credit: HLTV After an exciting weekend of games that ended with an intensely close finals, FaZe emerged as the winners of ECS Season 4 and the $250,000 first place prize. Second place goes to mousesports who fought a close… Read More »FaZe Win ECS Season 4