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The Submachine Guns of PUBG

Photo Credit: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Sometimes, the only gun you find in the beginning of the game or in a particularly low loot area is a SMG. Although they are not able to compete against assault rifles at medium and long… Read More »The Submachine Guns of PUBG

CS:GO’s Newest Case: The Clutch Case

CS:GO’s newest case was released yesterday, February 15th, and contains 17 new weapon skins and 24 new glove finishes. The case, called the Clutch Case, comes 5 months after the previous case, the Spectrum 2 case. Weapon Skins The two… Read More »CS:GO’s Newest Case: The Clutch Case

The Sniper Rifles of PUBG

Photo Credit: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Sniping always has a special place in any first person shooter game and PUBG is no different. A good sniper in this game can turn the tides of any battle for his team and dominate the… Read More »The Sniper Rifles of PUBG

The Assault Rifles of PUBG

Photo Credit: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Rifles are part of every good PUBG players’ repertoire and it is important to know the difference between each one so that you can choose the one that best suits you. 5.56 Rifles There are a… Read More »The Assault Rifles of PUBG

Lunar Revel Hits the Rift

Photo Credit: Riot Games With the coming of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dog, Riot has released their annual Lunar Revel event to celebrate. With the event, new skins, chromas, icons, and missions are now available for… Read More »Lunar Revel Hits the Rift

Patch 8.3 Changes

Each patch on League of Legends brings some major changes to the Rift. Here is what’s important in the latest patch, 8.3. Swain Reworked, Noxus Unleashed With 8.3, Swain has been completely reworked from his previous interation. The Noxian Grand… Read More »Patch 8.3 Changes

Annie: Origins

“Her story begins in the ashes…” This was the only line of text available for Annie’s biography before her lore was updated accompanied by the cinematic short video, Annie: Origins. Recently, Riot has begun to completely overhaul the lore of… Read More »Annie: Origins

Cloud9 Wins CS:GO Major

Photo Credit: HLTV When the dust settled on Boston after an explosive, full three game series between FaZe Clan and Cloud9, the American fans had cause to celebrate. Cloud9 had barely edged out their opponents in a close double Overtime… Read More »Cloud9 Wins CS:GO Major

2018 Boston Major Playoffs

Photo Credit: HLTV With the conclusion of the group stages over the last weekend, the quarterfinals bracket has been drawn. Several surprising underdogs made it through to the playoffs pulling off some upsets on the top teams around the world.… Read More »2018 Boston Major Playoffs

CyberPowerPC Winter PUBG Showdown

This weekend, CyberPowerPC will be hosting our first PUBG tournament of the year. The group stages will start on Sunday morning, 1/21, at 10 AM and the tournament will be played out from there. There will be both a duos… Read More »CyberPowerPC Winter PUBG Showdown