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My Path to Pro

By Eugene “Pobelter” Park of Evil Geniuses I first heard of League of Legends back in 2009 through a MapleStory auction forum called “Basilmarket.” I was just a bored kid in middle school about to enter the 8th grade, and… Read More »My Path to Pro

King Goth Reviews Titanfall

I would be lying if I said I went into Titanfall without any sort of reservations. The scene was similar. The atmosphere all too familiar. We’ve been here before, right? Military type individuals duking it out in a semi futuristic… Read More »King Goth Reviews Titanfall

n0thing To Report: Katowice Day 1 & 2

Post written by Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert of compLexity Gaming First day we all arrived around noon in Katowice, after decently long journeys all around.  I came from San Diego through Chicago and Germany, so that took about 17 hours.  The weather is… Read More »n0thing To Report: Katowice Day 1 & 2

CyberPower Reviews Thief

What is Thief? Thief is the reboot to an older series of the same name. Compared to the older titles, this modernized twist to the game adds new features to entice new fans as well as keeping the older, familiar… Read More »CyberPower Reviews Thief

Snoopeh: Coming to America

Posted written by Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis of Evil Geniuses. Having had Peter shed some light on his own personal thoughts regarding our transition from Europe to North America, I thought I ought to reflect on what led to this change.… Read More »Snoopeh: Coming to America