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Final Fantasy XIV: Interview with Genos Axel

This interview was conducted by Erick Daniel from Forbes and Ben Bridge from the Famfrit Server Facebook page. (Featured Image credit to Angela Leyvas) Geno, how are you today? Doing pretty good, yourself? Not too bad.  You want to start… Read More »Final Fantasy XIV: Interview with Genos Axel

FFXIV: Famfrit Raiding Sigmascape Savage

As of Week 9, these are the groups that have beaten Sigmascape Savage.  All information was taken from FFLogs.  We included Phoenix because they have been mainstays in Famfrit’s raiding for a long time and with this chart being the… Read More »FFXIV: Famfrit Raiding Sigmascape Savage

Final Fantasy XIV: Questions and Answers

Screenshot credit: Illeana Grace This idea sprung from people on stream and private DMs asking questions so it sprung into this article and we plan to do these every month while there’s a small content drought.  Also Famfrit raid chart… Read More »Final Fantasy XIV: Questions and Answers

Final Fantasy XIV: The Re-Prog Adventures

(Screenshot credit: Mythena Hordeum) Recently I went back into Omega Deltascape Savage just to see how things have shaped up since I last went in.  There are also some notes I want to add before jumping into the raid.  This… Read More »Final Fantasy XIV: The Re-Prog Adventures

Tackling Omega Savage

I apologize in advance because this is largely unedited but these are the thoughts coming to my head as I’m writing this.  I will also take this time to apologize for any language deemed offensive.  The one thing I WILL… Read More »Tackling Omega Savage

Famfrit Raiding – Omega Savage

Congratulations to Phoenix Group for being Server First in this first tier of Omega Savage!  May luck be with you in the raids to come! (Chart Graphic Credit to Kunuma Tenebrae) Phoenix Group’s Roster: Auri Kiwi (PLD) Mike Zulu (DRK)… Read More »Famfrit Raiding – Omega Savage