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Battlefield 4 Games Giveaway

We are partnering up with GamesterGear for an awesome giveaway: be one of ten (10) lucky winners to score the awesome Cruiser PC200 Gaming Headsets PLUS a PC copy of Battlefield 4! Don’t miss out and enter today at

Meet the CyberPowerPC Fang Battle Box

Say hello to the Fang Battle Box. Redefine LAN parties and BYOC events with a different kind of war chest, housing an all-new small-form-factor PC in a never-before-seen case. Love it or hate it, the Fang Battle Box is an… Read More »Meet the CyberPowerPC Fang Battle Box

Meet the Zeus Mini

The Zeus Mini is anything but small when it comes to performance. The all-new Zeus Mini SFF gaming desktop is leaner and meaner. Packaged in a custom small form factor gaming chassis, the Zeus Mini grants you uncompromising power and… Read More »Meet the Zeus Mini

Meet the CyberPower Steam Machine

Meet the CyberPower Steam Machine. Fully customize-able. Fully upgrade-able. Revolutionize your living room experience with a Steam Machine like no other. The Steam Machine is CyberPowerPC’s take on Valve’s all-new OS contender, the SteamOS. The CyberPowerPC Steam Machine features a… Read More »Meet the CyberPower Steam Machine

Last Day: Razer Ouroboros Giveaway!

Instagram Giveaway is still going strong! Don’t miss your chance to win the amazing Razer Ouroboros Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse! All you have to do is follow our Instagram ( Enter at before the December 20th deadline!

CyberPowerPC Ultimate Gaming Notebook Giveaway

CyberPower Inc. and Patriot Memory have teamed up to give away the ultimate mobile gaming bundle! The next generation consoles are here, but why go console when you can have some real gaming swag! Built with the latest Intel™ 4th… Read More »CyberPowerPC Ultimate Gaming Notebook Giveaway

GeForce GTX 765M FANGBook EVO HX6 Battle Station

The FANGbook EVO HX6 gaming notebook gives you the power you demand in a form factor you crave. An aggressively stylish 15.6 gaming laptop that’s packed to the teeth with the latest powerful hardware including 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7… Read More »GeForce GTX 765M FANGBook EVO HX6 Battle Station