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Ian Kane

Ian Kane is a U.S. Army Veteran, filmmaker, published author, and social media manager. He is dedicated to the development and production of innovative, thought-provoking, character-driven films and novels of the highest quality.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gets First DLC

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot finally got its first story DLC, titled New Power Awakens – Parts 1, which was released April 28. This DLC features a game-exclusive story focusing on Goku and Vegeta as they train to become Super Saiyan… Read More »Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gets First DLC

Desperados 3 Confirms Release Date

Video game studio THQ Nordic together with Mimimi Games, has announced and confirmed the release date of Desperados 3, which will be on June 16, 2020. Desperados 3 is the third entry in the long-dormant Desperados series and will be… Read More »Desperados 3 Confirms Release Date

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Gets Mayhem Mode 2.0

Borderlands 3 has released two new free updates, an expansion called Mayhem Mode 2.0, and a limited-time event called Revenge of the Cartel. The Mayhem Mode 2.0 is the first free update, which expands the game’s endgame system with new… Read More »Borderlands 3 Gets Mayhem Mode 2.0

SnowRunner Review

SnowRunnerSaber Interactive / Focus Home Interactive When I first heard of developer Saber Interactive’s new game, SnowRunner, I knew I had to try it out. After all, if it was anything like its predecessor, MudRunner, I’d most certainly be in… Read More »SnowRunner Review

Streets of Rage 4 Finally Released

The long-awaited sequel, Streets of Rage 4, is finally out for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It was released last April 30, and cost around $24.99. The Streets of Rage 4 is a beat-up… Read More »Streets of Rage 4 Finally Released

Supermassive Games Reveals Little Hope

British video game developer Supermassive Games has finally revealed its entry in Dark Pictures Anthology, titled, Little Hope. It will be the second entry in the game anthology following Man of Medan. Little Hope is said to deliver a new… Read More »Supermassive Games Reveals Little Hope

Crysis Remastered for PC and Consoles

Crytek has finally announced the Crysis Remastered for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. This makes it the first Crysis game to ever appear on a Nintendo console. The remastered version of the game will… Read More »Crysis Remastered for PC and Consoles

Comanche Review

ComancheNUKKLEAR / THQ Nordic Both fighting games and flight combat games of the arcade-y persuasion used to be all the rage, back in the day. And while long-running fighting franchises have managed to regain some of their past glory, with… Read More »Comanche Review