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CK60: CyberPowerPC’s New 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

We’ve spent months researching what makes a great mechanical keyboard. From testing hundreds of different keycaps, to trying out many different kinds of switches, to different case materials and more – we’ve been on a mission to create the best feeling mechanical keyboard for gaming. All of this work has culminated at last, with the arrival of the first wave of our CK60 Mechanical keyboards.

This first wave of CK60 keyboards are the prebuilt variation. To start you can choose between the black or white version. Both feature a full CNC aluminum case that holds Gateron Red linear switches capped off by thermal resistant PBT keycaps. You’ll feel the difference of CK60 in every keystroke, with 2X Noise and Vibration Dampening High density Foam padding on the base and plate of the keyboard. North Facing RGB LEDs in the top row and south facing in the bottom row, provide excellent RGB lighting. Weighing in at a hefty 2.8 pounds, CK60 is thiccer than most gaming keyboards, so its not moving anywhere across your desk during your intense gaming sessions. Lastly, a nice wire mesh sleeved coil USB 3.0-Type C cable completes the package. And as an added bonus, CK60 is hot swappable meaning you can add your own mechanical switches!

We are super happy with how the CK60 turned out. Our team loves how they feel to play and type on, and we are so excited for everybody to get their hands on a CK60 and feel the difference themselves. A great keyboard makes a huge difference in anyone’s gaming setup.

But this is just the beginning of CK60. Coming soon, you will be able to order custom CK60 configurations, just like how you can customize your PC orders on our website. You’ll have a plethora of options to choose from, including a variety of premium specialty mechanical switch options, keycaps, and more. Unlike traditional DIY custom gaming keyboards, where you have to wait a long time or join a group buy – there is no long waiting time with our custom CK60s. We inventory components in our warehouse, so we can build the keyboard and get you in the game quicker, typically about a week or two from your order date.

Prebuilt CK60s are available now. You can purchase just the keyboard itself, or add one to your next CyberPower gaming PC order!

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