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New CK60 Keyboards – Custom Mechanical Keyboards

Our new CK60 keyboards are almost here. Starting at $149, let’s take a look at the features of our upcoming premium customizable mechanical keyboards.

The CK60 is our all new 60% gaming keyboard that provides gamers with the essential keys they need for gaming, saving space and keeping your setup clean. CK60 gaming keyboards are available in two color options, Pearl (White) and Onyx (black), both made from 100% CNC aluminum. The aluminum body provides a solid hefty feel that ensures your keyboard wont be moving around your desk. Both feature a “Double Gasket” design with bottom and top high density foam that increase noise dampening, which helps to deliver that “thocky” sound you’ve been looking for.These solid aluminum keyboards weigh in at nearly 3lbs, meaning they are significantly heavier than most keyboards. The design draws inspiration from the wildly popular Tofu60, while adding in some unique features. One of those features is our gold aluminum base plate, where you can laser etch unique graphics to personalize your board. The corners of the case are chamfered, making the board is to pick up and move.

Here are some more features that make the CK60 one of the best gaming keyboard options out there. The CK60 features a 1000 Hz polling rate, for lighting fast performance and superb responsiveness. South facing RGB LED lights illuminate the keys from the bottom, which gives consistent lighting across the entire surface of the board. Switches are hot swappable, featuring top of the line sockets from Kalih, so you can “switch” out your switches and customize your typing experience, no soldering required. Thermal resistant PBT keycaps ensure exceptional durability, meaning they withstand prolonged use and maintain their color over time. Lastly our tray mounting board design offers reliable and secure construction that enhance typing stability and minimize keyboard flex.

This is a fully customizable keyboard, and like our desktops on our website, you get to choose each component that goes in to the final build. To start there are some material options for your Top Plate. Brass offers a golden hue that adds a touch of luxury to your setup. Aluminum has a sleek and modern look, and is available in a variety of colors. Polycarbonate on the other hand is translucent which gives a unique look. Hot swappable switch sockets mean you are not locked in to your switches, so you can always upgrade / change your board later on. We did the research on switch preferences, and know that it varies greatly among individuals. As a result, we have curated a diverse selection of switches that cater to every typing experience. In addition to popular mainstays, such as the Gateron Blue (clicky), Brown (tactile), and Red (linear), we have a variety of specialty switch options that offer unique feeling and sounding typing experiences. Here are some switches you can choose from at launch:

Gateron Black Ink V2
Gateron Milky Yellow
Kalih Box Jade
Kalih Box Royal Purple
Gateron Aliaz Silent
Outemu Red Panda

We will continue to expand that selection, and coming soon, we will introduce our own specialty switches exclusive to CyberPowerPC.

For keycaps we have a variety of color options to choose from. Additionally we welcome suggestions for potential future colorways or specialty keycaps to expand our offerings.

Lastly RGB lighting brings the build together. Powered by a custom controller and software, you can control the colors and animation profiles of your RGB lighting. You can also customize your keyboards layout – reassigning keys, creating macros – that can be saved and switched between with ease.

One of the biggest advantages of our CK60 keyboard, is that it cuts down the waiting that is typically associated with traditional DIY custom gaming keyboards. When going the DIY route, you may have long wait times from 2-6 months or have to join a group by where you have to wait until there is enough orders on a product. There is no long waiting time like that with the CyberPowerPC CK60. We inventory these in our warehouse so we can get them to you sooner, in as little as a few days with prebuilt CK60s or a week or two with a custom built CK60. Prebuilt boards feature your choice of black or white aluminum case, white or black keycaps, and Gateron Red linear switches.

The CK60 Custom Built Gaming keyboard should be available some time next month, August, so keep you eyes peeled for an official release date on our Social Medias. The keyboard will be available on our website: here.

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