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AMD Ryzen 7000 X3D Series CPUs – Now Available at CyberPowerPC

The latest iteration of AMD Ryzen processors is here. Built on the back of the already stellar 7000 series CPUs AMD, the X3D models of these processors feature AMD 3D V-Cache technology for ultimate game performance. To start we will have the recently released Ryzen 9 7950X3D and Ryzen 9 7900X3D processors available in our systems, with the previously announced Ryzen 7 7800X3D arriving at a later date when that launches.

Let’s take a look at the flagship processor, the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D. This is a 16 core, 32 thread processor that can do it all, delivering top level computing performance perfect for gamers and creators. It boasts a base clock of 4.2 GHz with a max boost clock of up to 5.7 Ghz and 144 MB of cache. This 3D V-cache technology delivers huge game performance.

If you would like to nerd out and learn about how AMD’s innovative 3D stacking technology leads to such great performing gaming processors, they have a fantastic video on the topic detailing how it is built.

The other Ryzen 7000 Series X3D processor we now have available in our systems is the Ryzen 9 7900X3D. This processor features 12 Cores and 24 threads, with a base clock of 4.4 Ghz and a max boost clock of up to 5.6 Ghz, and 140 MB of cache.

Both X3D processors are excellent picks for gamers looking to run their favorite titles at super high, super smooth frame rates. For those looking to take things up a notch with all AMD performance, our AMD Advantage desktops are a great choice. These specially built desktops leverage AMD’s best Ryzen Processors and Radeon graphics cards to deliver top level performance, and are built with components specially selected by AMD to deliver the best possible gaming experience.

Head over to our website today and customize your own Ryzen 7000 X3D series powered computer today!

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