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Genshin Impact Best Weapons for Wanderer

The Wanderer is now available to play in Genshin Impact. He is a 5-star Anemo character that can deal immense damage per second with his skills. To maximize his damage, it is best to equip him with an ideal catalyst to suit his abilities.

Here are the three best weapons for Wanderer:

1 – Tulaytullah’s Remembrance

The Tulaytullah’s Remembrance is a 5-star catalyst with a skill called Bygone Azure Teardrop and Critical Damage Bonus Effect.

With Tulaytullah’s Remembrance, the Wanderer gains a 10% increase in Normal Attack Speed. After he unleashes his Elemental Skill, his Normal Attack Damage will increase by 4.8% every second for 14 seconds.

After hitting an opponent with his Normal Attack during the duration, his Normal Attack Damage will increase by 9.6%. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3 seconds. The maximum of Normal Attack Damage the Wanderer can gain will increase per single duration of the weapon’s overall effect, which is 48%.

Any effect caused by the weapon will be removed when the Wanderer leaves the field.

2 – Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a 5-Star Catalyst with a Critical Rate Bonus Effect and a skill called Boundless Blessing.

Using Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, the Wanderer can gain an increase in Movement Speed by 10%. During a battle, the Wanderer will also gain an 8% increase in his Elemental Damage Bonus every four seconds.

The weapon can gain four maximum stacks. Its effect will last until the Wanderer leaves the field.

3 – The Widsith

The Widsith is a 4-Star Catalyst with a skill called Debut and a Critical Damage bonus effect.

With the Widsith as his weapon, the Wanderer will gain a random theme song for 10 seconds while on the field:

  • Recitative: ATK increases by 60%.
  • Aria: Increases all Elemental DMG by 48%.
  • Interlude: Elemental Mastery is increased by 240.

The Wanderer can only gain a random song once every 30 seconds.


Do you want to add the Wanderer to your party? You can get him on his Limited Banner titled “From Ashes Reborn.” Be sure to download the latest update of Genshin Impact on your gaming PC to access the Wanderer’s banner.

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