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Home » Riot Games Teases Project L – League of Legends Fighting Game

Riot Games Teases Project L – League of Legends Fighting Game

Riot Games Teases Project L - League of Legends Fighting Game

Riot Games teases fans with a new look at their upcoming fighting game set in the LoL universe. As it is still developing, the game is currently called Project L. The game seems to progress as Riot teases its new look, including its gameplay settings.

A teaser video was uploaded to Riot’s official YouTube channel, showing everyone the latest look of Project L. It features the game executive producer Tom Cannon and its director Shaun Rivera. The video dives into the current state of the previously revealed champions for Project L, like Illao. It also includes a developer’s notes that explain the design behind creating the League fighter to an assist-based showdown.

Champion Update

One of the highlights of the video is Illao’s character update. This includes an explanation of all the previous changes the champion had gone through since its early design phase. Now, Illao’s model and flesh-out kit are nearly complete. In fact, Riot even showcases her combat footage which is said to be around 30% complete.

Illao’s look gives fans how her character shares a closer look at some of her signature features in the League of Legends. For example, Illao will still feature her golden artifact and Nagakabouros tentacles in Project L.


Another detail discussed in the video is its “easy-to-learn but hard-to-master” gameplay type. According to Rivera, the developers kicked off the game’s design philosophy among those principles. The gameplay system will guide the core idea, including the character’s movement, offense, defense, assist actions, and tag-teaming.

Initially, Project L was supposed to be a 1v1 game where two champions can enter the arena, and one emerges as the winner. However, the team decided to pivot to a tag-team assist-based fighter around the two years it was being developed. But the game’s tag team system is slightly different, and its creators describe it as a deep and flexible design. It is aimed at helping players unlock their creativity. Champions have to work in tandem to be able to take down their opponents together.

Further Details

Project L was first announced three years ago. While the updates may have been scarce due to the unexpected effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the developers assure fans that the game will soon be out. It is also confirmed that Project L will be free-to-play.

The game will be released for Windows gaming PC and on selected gaming consoles.


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