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How to Choose: Prebuilt Gaming PC vs. Custom Gaming PC

When buying a new gaming PC, you must choose a unit that can run the programs and games you want. While most gamers will recommend you build your own gaming PC, only some have the time to actually make one. This is why it’s a good thing that you can buy a prebuilt gaming PC or a custom gaming PC.

What are Prebuilt PCs and Custom PCs?

Prebuilt gaming PCs are complete systems built by PC manufacturers by putting together balanced hardware configurations. These units are produced in quantity and can easily be purchased in local stores. They have a “plug and play” design, which means you can use them right out of the box.

On the other hand, a custom PC is a system that a PC company builds according to your hardware and specifications preferences. You will be the one to select the features and components you want and let the team of qualified PC experts build it to your specifications. The company will also be the one to ship it to you.

Now that you know the difference, the question is which type of PC build is for you. Read on to learn more about prebuilt gaming PCs and custom PCs to help you decide which PC type you should choose.

Prebuilt Gaming PC

The best point of buying a prebuilt gaming PC is that it is the most convenient option for gamers, especially first-time buyers. If you don’t know anything about building a PC, much less the technical knowledge to do the job, it’s best to choose a prebuilt gaming PC. All you need is to know some specifications you want for your unit, like the CPU and the GPU, to help you find a suitable gaming PC from a series or collection.

But while it may be more convenient, the downside is that you don’t have the freedom to choose all the other hardware specifications. What you can do is find a gaming PC with specifications that can run the programs you need.

Custom Gaming PC

Custom gaming PCs give you the freedom to customize your unit’s specifications, like the ability to upgrade your system hardware in the future. This is the perfect choice for games that know technical specifications but don’t have time to buy hardware and build their own PC.

Getting a gaming PC customized also gives you several advantages, including adding parts you like. The only difference is that it will be built by a PC expert. However, remember that the specifications you want may not all be compatible. You need to know your hardware specifications to balance your system.

Budget – Prebuilt PC vs. Custom PC

The price of the same hardware configurations between prebuilt and custom PCs can vary depending on different factors. For example, when buying prebuilt gaming PCs, you can look for discounts at online and retail stores, especially during sales like Black Friday. You can also compare prices from different PC manufacturers to ensure you can get your desired system at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, the cost of custom PCs primarily depends on the hardware you want for your system. Adding additional features, such as customized aesthetics or liquid cooling systems, can raise its price. This feature-based pricing significantly contrasts with the simple cost structure you can find in prebuilt PCs.

Software and Tech Support – Prebuilt PC vs. Custom PC

When buying a new gaming PC, it is crucial to consider its software system and the tech support from the seller. Prebuilt gaming PCs usually have an operating system pre-installed and come with manufacturer-recommended programs. On the other hand, custom build PCs often come with a Windows operating system installed.

For technical support, manufacturers of prebuilt PCs offer warranty or store protection plans. The warranty and support may vary depending on the store of your choosing. However, we recommend you double-check the warranty and after-purchase support offered by your chosen PC company.

When it comes to custom-built PCs, companies provide support options for their customers, including phone assistance and warranty. Again, it may vary from vendor to vendor, so it is your due diligence to research before clicking that buy button or purchasing it from the store.

Aesthetics – Prebuilt PC vs. Custom PC

Aesthetic elements for PCs refer to the chassis design, style, and RGB lighting. These elements may vary depending on the PC and your preferences if you wish to modify it.

For most prebuilt PCs, you must find time to search for a unit with the designs or aesthetics you may need. But since these PCs are mass-produced, you may find their design requires more visual appeal and individuality.

On the other hand, custom PCs allow you to add more aesthetic designs to your build. Most cases for default PC builds have feature features that usually come with transparent tempered glass that display components inside that glow within.

PC manufacturers also offer visual customization options for their customers, like laser etching or UV printing. Options like these give you a more unique approach to your PC build.

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