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Genshin Impact Reveals New Character – The Wanderer

Genshin Impact is adding a new playable Fatui character to the game, and it is no other than Scaramouche — which will now be known as The Wanderer. In leak teasers from beta users, The Wanderer is shown as a 5-star character with an Anemo version. This came as a surprise to everyone who thought that Scaramouche had an Electro vision.

Character Lore

As to how Scaramouche got her Anemo vision, Genshin Impact has yet to release any details. But at the end of Kusanali’s Archon Quest, the Traveler learned that Nahida/Kusanali hid Scaramouche in a place hidden from the Akademiya scholars. Nahida also mentioned she would make sure he would not do anything evil or harm anybody.

It might be possible that Nahida, being the God of Wisdom, has been able to work on Scaramouche to change him. By now, we all know Scaramouche is not a human but an actual puppet. He was created by Raiden Ei (Electro Archon) to serve as an indestructible Gnosis-bearing puppet. However, upon his creation, Raiden Ei decided to leave him in a slumbering state and free from her control. Upon his awakening, Scaramouche deemed himself a failure.

Following what he deemed as two other betrayals, Scaramouche grew bitter and hated both gods and humanity. He took the name Kunikuzushi and wandered Inazuma before joining the Fatui as the Sixth Harbinger, The Balladeer.

Playable Character 

Scaramouche/The Wanderer will use the power of Anemo. Teaser videos suggest he can deliver wind-slash attacks and a powerful elemental burst to defeat his opponents. His skill also allows him to levitate for a short duration of time.

The Wanderer’s weapon of choice will be the Catalyst. A leak published by gave players a look at his signature weapon, the Alaya. It is a 5-star catalyst that increases the wielder’s normal attack speed by 20% and can increase normal attack damage by 9.6% up to 19.2%, as the leak suggested.

If the rumors are true, this might place The Wanderer as an upcoming Anemo DPS dealer who can compete with Xiao.

Release Date

Genshin Impact has revealed the release date of The Wanderer, but the timing of his announcement can confirm that he will be part of Genshin Impact Version 3.3.

Genshin Impact Version 3.3 is expected to be released for gaming PC and consoles in mid-December.

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