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League of Legends Bewitching Skins 2022

League of Legends Bewitching Skins 2022

League of Legends has released a new set of skins for this year’s Bewitching Event. The Bewitching Skins 2022 Event brings our favorite champions into witches and other ghoulish creatures just in time for Halloween.

Check out these new Bewitching Skins 2022:

Bewitching Anivia

Anivia has been enchanted by Leblanc. Together with witches, she flies in the night sky and shrouds it in darkness and chaos. Once an ordinary bat, Leblanc sensed the spirit of the season in Anivia. And now she helps spread terror to children and glee to those who follow her flight.

Bewitching Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia consumed a potion gone wrong when a venomous viper slithered into her cauldron. Now, she no longer rides her broom, but instead, she skulks around with the tail of a snake — hoping to catch the eyes of the socialites, her favorite target.

Bewitching LeBlanc

A lot of people share spooky stories of the witch Leblanc. It is said that she delights in causing misery and loves turning the smile on Jack-o’-lanterns upside down. There are also stories that say she has a softer side, which she keeps hidden even from herself.

Bewitching Neeko

Neeko never buys a costume for yearly festivities. Why buy when she can disguise herself using her transfigurative talents and shapeshifting spells? She can even turn into Bewitching Nidalee by simply pulling one of her classic pranks.

Bewitching Senna

When Senna was young, a warlock bound her soul to a tome of spells. He hopes to rid himself of her rising power. But instead of weakening her, her time spent disembodied made her stronger. And while others party, Senna searches for ghouls and ghosts to send them to the grave.


You can avail of these Bewitching Skins from the in-game store. If you don’t see them, simply update the new League of Legends patch on your gaming PC.

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