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Genshin Impact Best Weapons for Nilou

Genshin Impact Best Weapons for Nilou

Genshin Impact has released their third 5-star character from Sumeru, Nilou. She is a playable Hydro character that can deliver significant sub-DPS damage to opponents if paired with Dendro-element characters. But to fully maximize the damage she can provide, you must get the best weapons for Nilou.

Check out these 5 best weapons for Nilou:

1 – Key of Khaj-Nisut

Key of Khaj-Nisut

This weapon will increase Nilou’s HP by 20%. When her Elemental Skill hits opponents, you gain the Grand Hymn effect for 20 seconds.

This effect will also increase Nilou’s Elemental Mastery by 0.12% of her Max HP. It can only trigger once every 0.3 seconds. When Nilou gains up to 3 stacks, the Elemental Mastery of all nearby party members will increase 0.2% of Nilou’s max HP for 20 seconds.

2 – Freedom-Sworn


This weapon will increase Nilou’s Damage by 10%. She will gain a Sigil of Rebellion when she triggers any Elemental Reactions. The effect can only be activated once every 0.5 seconds.

Once Nilou gains 2 Sigils of rebellion, all her nearby party members will gain Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance for 12 seconds.

The Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance can increase Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack Damage by 16%. It will also increase the Attack by 20%.

3 – Sacrificial Sword

Sacrificial Sword

After Nilou deals damage to her opponent with her Elemental Skill, its cooldown has a 40% chance to end.

4 – Xiphos’ Moonlight

Xiphos’ Moonlight

If Nilou is equipped with this weapon, the following effect will trigger every 10 seconds:

  • She will gain 0.036% Energy Recharge for each Elemental Mastery for 12 seconds.
  • Nilou’s party members can earn 30% of this buff for the same duration.

In multiple instances, this weapon can allow its buff to be stuck.

5 – Iron Sting

Iron Sting

When Nilou deals Elemental Damage, it will increase all of her damage by 6% for 6 seconds. Its effect can stack up to 2 times and only occur once every 1 second.


If you’re trying to pull for Nilou in her Limited Banner – Twirling Lotus, it’s best to get her weapon: the Key of Khaj-Nisut. To get Nilou, download the latest patch of Genshin Impact on your gaming PC.

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