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League of Legends Releases Steel Valkyries Skins

League of Legends Releases Steel Valkyries Skins

League of Legends releases a new set of skins called Steel Valkyries for champions: Camille, Janna, Lucian, and Nasus. This theme revolves around a lore wherein a galaxy scarred by war is trying to rebuild itself. However, this galaxy is filled with criminals, mercenaries, bounty hunters, and assassins. Each one of them pilots dangerous combat exo-suits, which have godlike abilities.

Check these new Steel Valkyries skins:

Strike Commander Camille

Strike Commander Camille is one of the few veteran soldiers in the galaxy. Those people who make it far enough to earn the title have done so for a reason. As the commander of RSM’s newly minted Strike Team Hyperion, Camille is known as ruthless, calculating, and fierce. She bears the full power of the Y03-Principality on any target who is unlucky enough to end up in her sights.

Cyber Halo Janna

League of Legends Releases Steel Valkyries Skins

Jannah is an experimental android built by the RSM’s R&D division. She is the only android who has successfully piloted an exosuit in history. No one knows why; perhaps it is because she looks so human. In fact, many forget that the gusts of wind she commands are actually nanobots connected to Jannah’s X09-Zephyr exosuit and her central processing core.

Strike Paladin Lucian

Lucian is the pilot of the Z01-Orion. He was assigned to the inaugural mission of the Strike Team Hyperion, which reclaims the experimental X01-Butterfly from its thief, Kai’Sa. While he may not always agree with his commander’s methods, Cammille and Lucian know that rogue exosuits in the wrong hands can bring disaster to the galaxy.

Armored Titan Nasus

Nasus is the Strike Team Hyperion’s intelligence officer. He pilots the exosuit, S02-Anubis, which is a new model of power armor. This exosuit is equipped with energy-siphoning power cells, which allows Nasus to gain increased durability. With his power, Nasus will see to it that Hyperion’s goal to destroy rogue exo-pilots will succeed.


The Steel Valkyries skins are now available on League of Legends in the game store. You can download the game for free on your Windows gaming PC or gaming laptop.

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