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Home » The Differences Between HDD vs. SSD [Infographics]

The Differences Between HDD vs. SSD [Infographics]

The Differences Between HDD vs. SSD [Infographics]

There has been a debate on which better storage device to use for a gaming PC. There are two types of storage devices: HDD and SSD. HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive, while SSD stands for Solid State Drive.

HDDs are the more commonly used storage device. They are less expensive and offer larger storage volumes, making them more popular than SSDs. And due to their sturdy build, HDDs also have a longer lifespan than SSDs.

SSDs, on the other hand, are flash memory chips that can store data and retain information without any power supply. They are smaller than HDDs, allowing more space inside your unit to improve airflow. SSD is also more durable than HDD as they require no moving parts to read-and-write data.

Learn more about the difference between the two in the infographic below to help you decide which storage type to get for your gaming PC:

The Differences Between HDD vs. SSD [Infographics]

 The Difference Between HDD vs. SSD

Which Is The Better Storage Option For Your Gaming PC?
Speedtakes 5,000-10,000 microseconds to access datatakes 35-100 microseconds to access data, nearly 100x faster than HDD
Costa 1TB HDD can cost about $50a 1TB SSD usually costs around $100+
Reliabilityhas moving parts and magnetic platters, prone to wear and tearno moving parts, keeping your data safe
Powerconsumes between 6 and 15 wattsconsumes between 2 and 5 watts
Capacity500GB and 2TB options for notebook size drives, 4TB max for desktops512GB for notebook size drives, 1TB max for desktops
Noisespinning platters and moving heads producing noise when runningno moving parts that will make much noise when working
Heatmoving parts generate more heat, potentially causing damagegenerates less heat, contributing to its lifespan and durability
Sizecomes in 2.5″ – 3.5″ for laptops and desktops respectivelyavailable in 1.0″ – 2.5,” allowing more space in the PC case

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