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League of Legends Releases Monster Tamer Skins

League of Legends has a new skin theme called Monster Tamer skins. This is a series of alternate skins wherein champions of the game are Tamers, who use the CORE to tame monsters. According to sources, the skin theme is inspired by the Pokemon franchise.

Check out these new Tamer skins in League of Legends:

Monster Tamer Lulu

Although new to the scene, Monster Tamer Lulu exemplifies the meaning of the true Tamer. She has studied the CORE manual from front to back. In fact, she’s even used the details in the manual while in the field several times. The latest discovery she has is Zap’Maw, a creature that is as dangerous as it is adorable.

Monster Tamer Veigar

Monster Tamer Veigar has big plans. One of these is to amass an army of monsters. Creatures from the darkest and scariest corners of the land. After that, he plans to use the CORE. This way, he can create a bond with the said monsters and amplify their power. And once that happens, he will be able to take over the world. However, he might have missed a step.


Zap’Maw is described as a curious monster. Unlike other creatures, he baffles even the most experienced of Tamers. According to monster tamers, his sightings are limited to abandoned ruins, which only the bravest tamers dare to enter.

However, taming Zap’Maw is even more challenging than sighting it. Only one Tamer has succeeded in taming Zap’Maw and creating a bond. And day by day, Zap’Maw’s lightning attacks grow stronger each day.


These Monster Tamer skins include new models and textures, visual and sound effects, and recall animations. They are now available for players to buy in the in-game store. League of Legends is a free MOBA video game from Riot Games, which you can download on your gaming PC.

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