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‘Homeworld 3’ Still On Track for Release

Homeworld is one of the most beloved science fiction series in all of gaming. The upcoming Homeworld 3 will be a new and true standalone game in the Homeworld series, continuing the game-of-the-year winning story generations after the events of Homeworld 2. Assume control and battle through fleet combat in dazzling, fully 3D space while the award-winning story unfolds on a galactic scale.

This time around, strategic freedom is all yours. Hulking space derelicts called megaliths bring 3D terrain into the classic Homeworld battlespace. Use the crumbling remains of an ancient civilization to funnel foes into a brilliant ambush or hide your fleet from powerful enemies.

Meanwhile, fortresses teem with menacing turrets and invite your strike craft into dangerous trench runs deep behind enemy lines. But not everything is in your control. Dangerous space phenomena like particle storms and asteroid fields will test even senior commanders.

You may attack head-on, with a clever flank, or even from above and below your foes. Homeworld 3’s fully simulated ballistics make line of sight and cover critical strategic considerations. Your fleet persists from mission to mission. Scars on your ships linger. Strike craft pilots and capital ship captains pass along critical information through battlefield chatter.

In addition to that, Homeworld’s timeless art style has evolved with modern technology, offering an incredible sense of scale, destruction, and wonder. Strike craft fly in formation between hulking Battlecruisers against a backdrop of stars and nebulae. Iconic ships cast silhouettes over the remains of ancient civilizations. Explosions ripple and erupt across hulls as one fleet stakes its victory over another.

Homeworld 3’s developer Blackbird Interactive raised the stakes of Homeworld’s iconic scale and artistry by fully realizing their original vision, 20 years in the making, of elegant cinematic combat in space. The epic scale and grandeur of Homeworld has returned with even bigger environments to contend with new mechanics that expand the gameplay experience, and a dramatic story full of the compelling emotional resonance the series is known for.

“Our team has been hard at work creating the Homeworld experience we’ve always dreamed of and we hope after watching this trailer, fans will believe we are making THEIR game,” said Rob Cunningham, CEO of Blackbird Interactive and original art director on Homeworld and Homeworld 2. “Homeworld 3 will deliver deeper strategy and decision making with easier controls. Players will explore ancient megalithic structures and experience space at an extraordinary level of detail while following an epic narrative fit for the biggest sci-fi fans. We have a lot more to showcase along with some fun surprises as we head into launch in 2023.”

Players must form new strategies and use new environmental obstacles like colossal ancient megaliths, dangerous asteroid fields, and massive derelict wreckage as cover or to hide movements from enemies. Homeworld 3 also offers up fresh strategic challenges with its physics-based ballistics simulation that makes the space combat feel more real than ever before.

The game’s new campaign explores an all-new story in the Homeworld series that takes place long after the golden age of galactic trade and exploration was unlocked by Karan S’Jet upon the discovery of an ancient hyperspace gate network. A new threat to the galaxy known as The Anomaly has started to spread its darkness and has begun to swallow gates and planets alike.

Now Imogen S’Jet, Karan’s successor, is the only one who holds the key to solving the mystery threatening the galaxy’s future. In addition to the campaign, Homeworld 3 also features a robust multiplayer experience as well as the new cooperative roguelike mode which fuses Homeworld’s strategic gameplay with roguelike challenge and progression.

At the end of Homeworld 2, the galaxy enjoyed an age of abundance thanks to the Hyperspace Gate Network. Cycles of plenty and war have come and gone. Now the gates themselves are catastrophically failing and Karan, who has passed into myth and religious idolatry, is the key to the mystery threatening a galaxy’s future.

Not only that, but you can try out all-new, co-op capable multiplayer mode, which extends your game beyond the campaign. Fusing Homeworld’s RTS gameplay with roguelike structure, one or two commanders take on a randomized series of fleet combat challenges. Manage your fleet strength across each battle and claim powerful rewards with each victory. Based on your results, you’ll unlock incredible powers that carry over run after run.

Your ultimate test of tactical skill comes in battle against human opponents. Sharpen your instincts in AI skirmish matches, before squaring off with human opponents in 1v1, free-for-all, or team battles.

So get those gaming PCs ready for action!

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