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‘A.V.A.’ Is Making Its Global Return Sooner Than Expected

There are shooters that are more realistic lick Squad and Arma, and then there are ones for the gamers who just want action without any strategy or tactics, just fast-twitch reflexes, and cater to such games as the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises.

A.V.A. (Alliance of Valiant Arms) is a modern warfare first-person shooter that definitely seems to be of the latter group. It’s a game “where a siege of modern warfare hits combat zones around the globe,” whatever that means.

This is a free-to-play, online, first-person shooter affair, built on Unreal Engine 3. Players either fight for overall domination in Annihilation mode by being the first of two teams to reach the preset score or having the highest score before time runs out.

“To put their tactical expertise to the test, players can jump into Demolition mode, the all-time favourite terrorist vs counter-terrorist scenario, featuring EU and NRF forces in Red Ducks own take on the genre.” I guess that means fast-twitch heaven.

After choosing from one of only three classes, players can customize their loadout with a “wide variety” of weapons.

The game descriptions say that players can currently team up and fight in either Annihilation mode or Demolition mode against an opposing team and more game modes are in the works for release over the coming months. While Annihilation mode features a classic Team Deathmatch experience, Demolition mode pits two factions, one representing the EU and the other the NRF, against one another.

There are also a nod to old-school FPS style—the NRF team must plant a strategic bomb and the EU team has to do their best to defuse it, or better yet, prevent it from being activated at all.

To go all out on a tactical (fast-twitch) perspective, players can choose from three different classes.

The Point Man is the best choice for players storming the battlefront as this class specializes in close quarters combat. SMGs and shotguns are the Point Man’s weapons of choice.

Keeping their distance, Snipers can hide in the cozy corners of the map, scouting and eliminating potential threats to their squad from afar.

For beginners or those players who value variety in their playstyle, the Rifleman is the best choice. This class depends on each player’s choice of weapon, a factor that can mean life or death on the battlefield.

AVA Online (also known as Alliance of Valiant Arms) has supposendly been sorely missed since it was taken offline back in 2018 by its former publisher, En Masse Entertainment. With the IP now in the hands of Neowiz, the game looks to return to its former glory with improved visuals, new features, and a global Steam relaunch on August 25, 2022.

Ahead of the global launch of A.V.A., developers have a robust series of updates to deploy that will improve existing features, squash bugs, and add new and exciting ways to play. Over the coming weeks, the development team has plans to reveal more about each of the patches through diaries

Key Features:

  • Annihilation – Based on the death match rule, players on two opposing teams need to reach a score within a limited time.
  • Demolition – The NRF forces must survive and eliminate all EU forces or defuse the bomb. EU forces must successfully plant and detonate the bomb, or eliminate the enemy team to win a round.
  • Escort – The NRF forces must damage the tank that is being escorted by firing RPGs. The EU forces must escort the tank to the goal. When the tank is damaged, it must be repaired to move on.
  • AI Mission (PVE) – A group of players comes together to complete the mission by fighting AI-NRF soldiers and reaching objectives.
  • Domination – Two teams compete for domination over a target. The team with higher domination gauge or the one in control of the target when both sides have the same gauge will win.
  • Escape – EU troops head to a waiting boat or vehicle. NRF troops must stop the EU troops from reaching their escape vehicle.

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