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‘Path Of Titans’ Cross-Platform Game Coming Soon

Get your gaming PCs ready! Upcoming cross-platform game Path Of Titans is a “play as a dinosaur” sandbox with MMO questing, where players choose from 30+ dinosaur species and survive, explore, and thrive through life cycle events and social gaming.

You’ll want to find and build a home cave within Panjura, the first of several 8km x 8km maps. Explore our open sandbox, or extend gameplay through an extensive system of MMO questing adventures, with rewards and incentives from egg to adult.

The game will include up to 200 concurrent cross-platform players per server, with a mix of herbivores, carnivores, aquatic, terrestrial, gliding, and flying species, together with AI NPCs and critters to build a rich ecosystem to navigate.

Complete quests and unlock new attacks and abilities for your dinosaur, tailoring your beast to your playstyle.  From beloved species like Spinosaurus and Triceratops, to more recently classified species like Daspletosaurus Horneri just discovered in 2017, the Jurassic era dinos and pterosaurs of the Morrison formation in present day Wyoming, Colorado and the Dakotas are waiting for your discovery.

Not only is Path Of Titans bringing back couch co-op, but its online modes feature seamless cross-platform play between PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and slated to include consoles and cloud gaming devices. 

To this end, Alderon Games has developed a launcher backend that is platform agnostic for seamless integration.The community modding kit allows mods to be seamlessly deployed across platforms as well, allowing great creative freedom of access for dinosaur-loving gamers across all devices.

Alderon Games is excited to announce that after the game’s beta launch on PlayStation & Xbox last month, Path of Titans is now launching in beta on Nintendo Switch as well.

Path Of Titans is a cross-platform massively multiplayer survival game that invites players to become a dinosaur, evolving from egg to adult in a rich ecosystem filled with 26 dino species, AI creatures, and up to 200 other human players. Explore an environment filled with natural events, all while avoiding death and augmenting your dinosaur to suit your play style.

The extra-special Founder’s Edition ($30) allows players to find and build a home cave within Panjura, the first of several 8km x 8km maps. Rank up on official servers, on custom community servers, and move between linked servers with your favorite dinosaurs on solo and social pack adventures to explore the open sandboxes through the extensive system of MMO side-questing for the menagerie of air, land, and sea dinosaurs, with rewards and incentives from egg to adult.

Path Of Titans proudly supports cross-platform play during the beta on PC, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox, & Nintendo Switch, with each console access requiring individual purchase. Once the console versions leave early access, full cross-play is planned.

Key Features:

  • Massively Multiplayer: The huge, dynamic environment is filled with AI critters, quest zones, and caves set for you to create a home base, on servers for up to 200 players. Team up with players to take on challenges together or join friends in a herd for even larger, coordinated group efforts to take on the big in-game events! Or go it alone and carve your own path, how you survive is completely up to you.
  • Character Customization: Unlock skins and alternate species of each dinosaur genus. Change the individual colors of your dinosaur character and apply alternate subtle markings. Choose between multiple species of your favorite dinosaur, each with unique visual characteristics. Create a creature unique to you!
  • Questing & Events: Complete quests that encourage and reward immersive cooperation and unlock achievements to collect exclusive in-game content. Collect materials to build nests to sleep in, hunt various rare critters and PvP dinosaurs, forage for hidden plants, or defend your herd members, all while enduring natural world events that will shape the landscape around you.
  • Attributes & Abilities: Spend points to alter your abilities and attacks to tailor your character to your preferred play style. Swap out one of your bite attacks for a claw attack or a tail swipe, or reduce your HP and damage in exchange for more stamina and faster movement.
  • Swimming, Diving & Fishing: Submerge fully underwater and hunt for AI fish and avoid being chomped by prehistoric crocodiles. Lurk just under the surface and lunge out of the water to surprise unsuspecting prey. Traverse the complex redwood river system and explore the depths of the swampy lakes. Make the most of your environment to survive as a semi-aquatic hunter! Coming soon is Gondwa, a map of islands with extensive inland waterways, lagoons and shoreline inlets. Home to your creatures of the air, land and water!
  • Modding: Community is important to any game, and the Path of Titans team recognizes the amount of passion and talent dinosaur enthusiasts have. Our game has powerful modding tools that will be free for anyone to download and use. With extensive documentation to guide modders, anyone will be able to upload their content for cross-platform cross-play gamers to enjoy.

Path Of Titans is in development for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and mobile (Android and iOS).

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