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5 Tips to Optimize Your Gaming PC [Infographics]

5 Tips to Optimize Your Gaming PC

Have you experienced a slow down when running video games on your PC? If yes, then before you consider upgrading any of your hardware components, there are simple tips you can do to optimize your gaming PC.

Here are five tips on optimizing the performance of your gaming PC:

  1. Uninstall unnecessary programs. 
  2. Turn off unwanted start-up programs.
  3. Upgrade hardware drivers.
  4. Turn on Game Mode.
  5. Clean your gaming PC.

Check the infographic below for this guide:

1 – Uninstall unnecessary programs. 

Programs or apps you may not need can use most of your PC resources, causing it to slow down. Identify and uninstall them to free up disk space and improve the performance of your PC.

2 – Turn off unwanted start-up programs.

Programs running on your start-up can reduce the speed of your gaming PC. Identify and disable them, so they don’t run at start up simultaneously.

3 – Upgrade hardware drivers.

Hardware drivers usually have updates to improve their performance and fix bugs. Manually update them or download software that will notify you every time there is an update.

4 – Turn on Game Mode.

One quick way to optimize and speed up your gaming PC is to enable Game Mode. Go to Settings > Gaming > Game Mode > On. Once enabled, your gaming PC will run your games at optimum settings.

5 – Clean your gaming PC.

Dust build-up on your gaming PC can reduce the airflow, causing it to overheat and slow down the hardware. So it’s important to clean up your gaming PC. Watch online video tutorials for reference.

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