5 Tips to Increase FPS in Gaming PC [Infographics]

5 Tips to Increase FPS in Gaming PC [Infographics]

FPS (frame-per-second) is a measurement used to describe how a game can run smoothly on your gaming PC. This is why it is considered an important factor for PC users to enjoy their video games. The higher the FPS, the better and smoother your game will run.

A low FPS can significantly affect your gaming PC. The standard for a good FPS is 60Hz, as this will be able to run the game smoothly. However, a higher FPS, such as 120Hz or 144Hz, can display additional frames, creating a smoother gameplay experience.

The most common solution to increase a gaming PC’s FPS is by upgrading your graphics card. However, if you don’t have the budget, you can make a few tweaks to improve your FPS.

These are five easy tips on how to increase the FPS in your gaming PC:

  • 1 – Enable Game Mode.
  • 2 – Update Graphics Driver.
  • 3 – Reduce Game Resolution.
  • 4 – Tweak Graphics Card Settings.
  • 5 – Install FPS Game Booster.

Check the infographic below for a full guide:

5 Tips to Increase FPS in Gaming PC [Infographics]

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